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Can a judge ignore part of a Home Office decision if their representative doesn’t mention it in court? No, said the Court of Appeal in Shyti v Secretary of State for the Home Department [2023] EWCA Civ 770. The case The appellant, Mr Shyti, was challenging a decision to deprive...

10th July 2023
BY Deborah Revill

One of the recommendations to the Home Office in a recent report by the immigration inspector was to “professionalise” Presenting Officers. Among the suggestions was that a code of conduct was necessary for Presenting Officers to establish a consistent standard of behaviour. This recommendation was acted upon relatively quickly, by...

29th March 2021
BY Anonymous

The Home Office should do more to “professionalise” the officials it sends to argue immigration cases in court, the immigration inspector has found. A report by the Independent Chief Inspector of Borders and Immigration, published today, says that Home Office Presenting Officers (HOPOs) need better training and more rigorous professional...

11th January 2021
BY CJ McKinney

Home Office Presenting Officers are civil servants who represent the government in immigration appeals. Last month we ran an article by an anonymous HOPO describing how the immigration system looks from that side of the fence and inviting questions by readers. Here are the answers. Thanks to everyone who sent...

12th October 2020
BY Anonymous

We Presenting Officers can usually be put into two categories. The first group is unable to see anything wrong with any decision and will defend it at all costs. Although hopefully they’re few and far between, anyone with a bit of experience before the tribunal has probably come across them....

9th September 2020
BY Anonymous

The First-tier Tribunal has allowed the Home Office appeal against the Information Commissioner’s decision that training slides used to inform Home Office Presenting Officers on the 2014 legislative reforms to human rights law should be released. Some additional limited information will be published but the Home Office’s internal instructions to...

27th April 2016
BY Colin Yeo

I’ve just seen the first half decent cross examination by a Presenting Officer that I can remember in a long time. This is partly because Presenting Officers are an endangered and rarely encountered species these days, but largely because they are generally allowed to get away with questions that are...

8th March 2010
BY Free Movement

I am acutely conscious that this is a controversial, difficult subject and there have been many comments on this topic on this blog in the past. I’ll say at the outset that many HOPOs I meet are pleasant and professional. They are a credit to the Home Office and make...

2nd December 2008
BY Free Movement
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