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Live online OISC Level 1 and 2 training courses now available

We now offer four-week guided-learning online OISC Level 1 and 2 training courses. With two live seminars per week on Mondays and Thursdays between 4pm and 5.30pm over four weeks, a dedicated tutor and group sizes capped at ten trainees, the courses are the best way to prepare for the OISC exams. Trainees study our best-in-class online materials in their own time then come together to revise key learning points and go through additional exercises with the tutor.

Comprehensive online OISC Level 1 training course

We offer a complete online OISC Level 1 training course for Free Movement members. We use simple, plain English, diagrams, infographics and worked examples throughout the course as well as auto-marking “test yourself” questions at the end of every course unit.

At your own leisure, in your own time, in your own home you can spend as long as you need on this and our many other online courses.


Guidance on how to become a registered immigration adviser


All about the exams!


Application forms for initial registration with the OISC, maintaining your registration, raising your levels and changing your legal status.


Collection of OISC statutory guidance for advisers


Collection of guidance on providing immigration advice services


Specific help for Community and Voluntary Sector organisations registering with the OISC

FREE OISC handbook from Free Movement

A free, comprehensive guide to the OISC system of regulation and legal ethics aimed at OISC Level 1 advisers, with top tips on examination technique.

This free and comprehensive guide to the OISC’s system of regulation at Level 1 includes a walk through of what is permitted and prohibited work at Level 1, how the categories for registration work, how the OISC Code of Conduct works in practice for immigration lawyers, what signposting, referral and outsourcing mean and how they work and it ends with twenty pages of our top tips on preparing for the exams, what happens in the exams and on examination technique.

We also offer a 20% discount on the first year of full Free Movement membership for new OISC advisers signing up for our annual individual plan, bringing the cost down from £200 plus VAT to £160 plus VAT. This includes access to our three mock exam papers and our full OISC Level 1 training course on immigration, asylum, nationality, EU and business immigration law: everything you need to know to prepare for and pass the exams!

OISC Level 1: Regulation and examination handbook

A comprehensive and FREE guide to the OISC system of regulation and legal ethics aimed at OISC Level 1 advisers, with top tips on examination technique. Tells you everything you need to know about getting registered at OISC Level 1.


Introduction to immigration law: everything you need to know

Perfect introductory text for those starting out in immigration law or studying for the OISC Level 1 exams. Written in plain language with worked examples throughout.

Only £23.99

Costs in immigration cases

Accessible and practical guide to costs in appeals and judicial reviews including rules, guidance, case law, quantification and assessment

Only £19.99

Our new OISC Level 2 course: immigration and asylum online training is now live and available to all Free Movement members. It covers the whole of the

11th December 2023
BY Jasmine Quiller-Doust

This is the second in our series of blog posts on how to become an OISC adviser and we are writing this as we publish

24th November 2023
BY Jasmine Quiller-Doust

The Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC), which regulates immigration advisers who are not practicing solicitors, barristers or Chartered Legal Executives, is consulting on

1st September 2023
BY Colin Yeo

If you want to give immigration advice and you are not fully legally qualified then you will need to get registered with the Office of

7th August 2023
BY Jasmine Quiller-Doust

The OISC (Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner) has again amended its guidance note on advisers conducting litigation in judicial review cases. The amendment appears to

3rd July 2023
BY Colin Yeo

Some big news at Free Movement. Two bits of big news, in fact. New Editor Firstly, I am delighted to announce that Sonia Lenegan is

22nd May 2023
BY Colin Yeo