Comprehensive online OISC Level 1 training course

We offer a complete online OISC Level 1 training course for Free Movement members. We use simple, plain English, diagrams, infographics and worked examples throughout the course as well as auto-marking “test yourself” questions at the end of every course unit.

At your own leisure, in your own time, in your own home you can spend as long as you need on this and our many other online courses.

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Three new OISC Level 1 practice exam papers

We’ve produced three new practice OISC Level 1 exam papers for Free Movement member to practice on and use for revision. Closely modelled on real past papers from the OISC, you won’t find these papers anywhere else.

Ideal for revision and exam preparation!

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FREE OISC handbook from Free Movement

A free, comprehensive guide to the OISC system of regulation and legal ethics aimed at OISC Level 1 advisers, with top tips on examination technique.

This free and comprehensive guide to the OISC’s system of regulation at Level 1 includes a walk through of what is permitted and prohibited work at Level 1, how the categories for registration work, how the OISC Code of Conduct works in practice for immigration lawyers, what signposting, referral and outsourcing mean and how they work and it ends with twenty pages of our top tips on preparing for the exams, what happens in the exams and on examination technique.

We also offer a 20% discount on the first year of full Free Movement membership for new OISC advisers signing up for our annual individual plan, bringing the cost down from £200 plus VAT to £160 plus VAT. This includes access to our three mock exam papers and our full OISC Level 1 training course on immigration, asylum, nationality, EU and business immigration law: everything you need to know to prepare for and pass the exams!

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What are the continuing professional development CPD training rules for immigration lawyers?

Since 2016 there has been no minimum CPD training hours requirement and training can be undertaken by any training provider or even by informal methods including self study. The rules for solicitors, barristers and OISC advisers are all broadly simila ...

22nd August 2019 By

Online immigration law CPD training for solicitors, barristers and OISC advisers

We’ve been busy working away at creating new CPD immigration training courses and updating our existing ones. Our courses are perfect for CPD for solicitors, barristers and OISC advisers and we now offer over 100 hours of CPD training to our 2,5 ...

15th August 2019 By

“Torrent of time-wasting nonsense”: tribunal sends immigration adviser for OISC investigation

The Upper Tribunal has referred an immigration adviser to the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC), accusing him of running judicial review cases without a licence and failing to properly check expert reports. The case is R (Hoxha &a ...

15th April 2019 By

Briefing: overcoming language barriers in lawyer-client communication

In this blog post, Judith Reynolds, Research Associate at Cardiff University’s Centre for Language and Communication Research, offers immigration law practitioners some reflections and tips for communicating with foreign language-speaking clients. A ...

22nd February 2019 By

OISC immigration law regulator launches new scheme for EU settled status applications

The OISC, the regulator for immigration advisers who are not solicitors, barristers or CILEx qualified, has launched a new, light touch Brexit scheme. It will enable charities and not-for-profit organisations to qualify to give immigration advice on t ...

29th January 2019 By

Advising EU citizens on their settlement rights may be illegal warns regulator

The Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (the OISC to those who know it well) has quietly published guidance outlining when it considers it will be illegal to provide advice to EU citizens and their non-EU family members under the settled ...

5th December 2018 By