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Just getting started on refugee law and issues? Here are some of our explainer blog posts.

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Asylum myths

There are lots of myths out there about asylum and refugees. Here are some of our posts dealing with common misconceptions.

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Book: Refugee Law by Colin Yeo

“Excellent! A clearly written analysis of refugee law, an accessible, highly readable account of refugee rights and who is entitled to protection, ending with some wise words on the future.”

Professor Guy Goodwin-Gill

“Digestible yet thorough – Colin Yeo has produced the perfect introduction to asylum law in the UK.”

Professor James Hathaway

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Briefing: four looming problems in the UK asylum system and how to address them

The asylum system seems finally to have turned a corner: the asylum backlog is starting to fall. The backlog is the single most important problem with the asylum system. Unlike arrivals, it is something the government can control. It creates huge fina ...

28th November 2023 By

House of Commons approves use of scientific tests on children, Lords to decide on Monday

The two statutory instruments that will pave the way for the use of x-rays and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans of children’s bones and teeth for the purpose of immigration control are on track to be approved by Parliament. This is despite ...

24th November 2023 By

Reflections on the Supreme Court’s Rwanda judgment

This post reflects on Wednesday’s momentous Supreme Court decision in the Rwanda litigation. You can read Colin’s initial take on the judgment here. The Supreme Court’s decision To recap, the Supreme Court decided that there are substantial grou ...

20th November 2023 By

Briefing: Article 1D of the Refugee Convention and Palestinian refugees

Immigration lawyers tend to have a good grasp of the definition of a refugee. We can confidently recite the “well-founded fear” definition at Article 1(A)(2) of the 1951 UN Convention on the Status of Refugees (the “Refugee Conv ...

16th November 2023 By

Supreme Court finds Rwanda is not a safe country to which refugees can be removed

The Supreme Court has today held that Rwanda is not a safe country and that it would be unlawful for refugees to be removed there. The government’s appeal against the Court of Appeal’s judgment has been dismissed. Lord Reed, giving the co ...

15th November 2023 By

India and Georgia to be added to the list of ‘safe’ countries

Draft regulations have been laid which will add India and Georgia to the list of ‘safe’ countries at section 80AA of the Nationality, Immigration and Asylum Act 2002. The Nationality, Immigration and Asylum Act 2002 (Amendment to List of S ...

9th November 2023 By
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