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How to apply for a UK Expansion Worker visa  

The UK Expansion Worker visa is part of the Global Business Mobility route. It enables overseas businesses seeking to expand into the UK to temporarily assign senior managers and specialist employees, including business owners, to the UK to establish ...

24th May 2022 By

How much does it cost to sponsor someone for a UK work visa?

Sponsoring a foreign worker isn’t cheap. Application fees and visa taxes typically run to thousands of pounds. Since the UK left the European Union, the costs of sponsorship have also applied to employers who want to hire EU workers under the Po ...

27th April 2022 By

The new UK Expansion Worker visa doesn’t look like an improvement

The Home Office has finally published details of the requirements for sponsors in the UK Expansion Worker visa category. Part of the Global Business Mobility family, it replaces the Sole Representative visa — but how effectively does it fill thi ...

19th April 2022 By

Briefing: the Seasonal Worker visa

The Seasonal Worker route is one of those visas in the Temporary Worker family, allowing people to come to the UK for short stints without the right to stay long term. Seasonal Worker visas made up over half (55%) of all temporary worke ...

6th April 2022 By

What do we know about the new Global Business Mobility visa?

The UK government has published changes to the Immigration Rules introducing the Global Business Mobility visa. They come into force on 11 April 2022 and provide new solutions for overseas firms transferring staff to the UK. Announcing the route last ...

28th March 2022 By

Business travel between the UK and EU: immigration and visa rules

Before 1 January 2021, British and EU citizens did not require a visa to travel across the Channel on a business trip. This is largely still the case post-Brexit, so we’ve been left with the appearance that nothing has really changed from a legal pe ...

28th March 2022 By