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I took no risks as I walked through immigration control. No point in aggravating them with a ‘nice uniform’ remark or other such wise cracks. They mainly bother poor and black people, although as I passed through ‘nothing to declare’ a young and affluent-looking black couple were being taken to one side while I, white and middle class, had no such problems. To be fair, there is anecdotal evidence that immigration officers enjoy occasional forays into harassing white, middle class folks too. Australian working holiday makers are a particular favourite. They almost all get through in the end, of course, but an immigration officer will sometimes have some sport along the way.

Although it cannot be recommended for any other reason (it’s not exactly War and Peace), Refusal Shoes by Tony Saint includes insider information on the mindset of immigration officers.

I’m still getting back up to speed with developments back in the UK, of which there at first glance appear to be relatively few. On the gossip front, though, Mark Ockelton, deputy president of the tribunal, has apparently been appointed a deputy high court judge. It will be interesting to see how normal non immigration barristers cope with his unique style of courtroom management. And White Ryland, a solicitors firm with a large immigration contract from the Legal Services Commission and a correspondingly large number of now ex-clients, has gone under. Apparently their contracts have been transferred to arch rival Duncan Lewis, already one of the biggest immigration firms.

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12 Responses

  1. hi freemovement,welcome back.i hope there r so many people like me who were waiting for u.i need ur advice plz.few months back i written here about my husband that he used to live in uk illegally then he went back in dec,07.we got married in jan ,08.he applied for visa in june,08 & his visa refused without any interview under 320(7b).then we applied for review in july & they refused again after 1 month.anywaz we did apply for appeal in time with review.so he is still in india & i m here on 5 yrs work permit.so could u plz tell me if there is chance for getting visa in appeal & why they refused it?????we r really struggling a lot.plz help.

  2. Hi There,
    How are you.! Got here after searching for info on Oct. 1st. Any chances of you emailing with the contact details of your firm,.
    Taking this opportunity to thank you in advance I sincerely look fowards in hearing at your earliest convinience.

  3. Am glad ur back my question is please, About the refusal under deception do people win at the end when they appeal i’ve got a lawyer and am not waitin for a review in Nov pls if anyone’s been in my situation b4 ? (lied about overstayin that i came back and went again) am facing a 10 yr ban (God Forbid)

  4. I don’t have a firm as such, I’m self employed. I cannot be approached directly by members of the public because I am a barrister. My professional rules prevent it.

    This is why I cannot give advice in individual cases, as briefly explained on the front page of the blog. This blog is for information and updates, not advice.

    I’m sorry. There is an advice page on the blog on getting legal advice in the UK.

  5. hi free movement is nice to have you back ,i have ben refusa under immigration rule 320(7B) that were made before the and i asked the ambassy to review and they told me we have time untill 3 of october ,untill that date the ambassy can make disisen untill that dayt ,so i have been refuse only for that reasen 320(7b)so what is your opinion what can happen here ??
    thank you

  6. Hope you had a well earned break. If you went through immigration controls, I guess you went further than Dublin. This admittedly is a bad lead into my topic of question. UK Gov’t is currently looking at the Common Travel Area (CTA) of UK (incl. N.Ireland) and Eire (S.Ireland) . With the NAIA2002 ammending the BNA 1981 about Illegitimate British Children (1.7.2006), and with the introduction of new EU regulations including free applications for Non-EU parents of EU children, do you think the UK is trying to stop Non-EU parents with Irish children coming to the UK, and Non-EU parents with UK children traveling to Eire by scrapping CTA?

  7. Hello freemovement,

    Welcome back. I did miss you :( hope you had a good time off, but no updates for 7 days think your slacking mate “just joking” looking forward to your gossips and update. Take care for now.

  8. Mr T, that’s a good and very well informed question. I’m sure the Home Office would love to cut down on entry by the routes you describe, but I’m not sure they’ll have much luck with it. The CTA is so well established it’s difficult to imagine it being scrapped and the ECJ just keeps on coming with cases that the Home Office don’t like.

  9. Phitto, I’m afraid I can’t and don’t give individual immigration advice, this blog is intended to provide updates and information only.