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Settled Status Handbook: updated second edition out now, free for members

Settled Status Handbook: updated second edition out now, free for members

We have launched an updated second edition of our Settled Status Handbook on applying to the EU Settlement Scheme. This is our guide for EU citizens and their family members applying for settled or pre-settled status to legally remain in the UK after Brexit.

The update partly reflects tweaks to the online application process, which we show step-by-step with screenshots of each stage so that you know what to expect. We have also added some additional material by popular demand, including:

  • Applications for children
  • Submitting additional evidence of UK residence
  • Specialised applications (Zambrano and Surinder Singh cases)
  • Additional case studies

It is jointly edited by me and CJ and draws on work by Nath Gbikpi, Iain Halliday and Gabriella Bettiga. We are also grateful for input from Chris Desira and Chris Benn.

As well as screenshots of the app and website parts of the application process, the ebook contains a detailed but we hope simple description of the eligibility criteria for EU citizens and their family members. Also carried over from the first edition are sections on criminal offences, challenging refusals and citizenship eligibility for adults and children.

You can download a free sample here. Members can download the whole ebook for free (along with all our other ebooks) and it is on sale at £9.99 for non-members. If you have already purchased a copy and would like to take a look at the new edition, log in and head to your downloads page and you can get it there.

All the reviews so far give the ebook 4 or 5 stars. Comments include “concise and helpful”, “a valuable and very useful distillation of information” and “a fantastic resource bringing clarity where there is much confusion”.

If you find it helpful, do please come back and leave us a review of your own!

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