Author: Colin Yeo and CJ Mckinney

Last updated: October 2019

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Settled status handbook (3rd edition)


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This comprehensive guide to the settled status application process includes screenshots of the app and website, a link to a video walk through, case examples and looks at citizenship options for parents and children.

Not sure how the EU Settlement Scheme works, or how to use the app? This comprehensive but accessible ebook guides you through the settled status application process, helping you to check your eligibility and that of your family members, making sure you have the right documents lined up and avoiding potential pitfalls. We have also included information on naturalisation for adults and eligibility for/routes to British citizenship for children. Examples and case studies are used throughout to illustrate complex points.


Settled Status Handbook

A very useful and easy to follow guide about the EU Settlement Scheme.
By Natalie Smith

Step-by-step guidance for EU settled status

Thanks to EU settlement status e-book. (Exodus 1:8)-2:10 Feel unsure that migration may shape the future's economic growth. Just spend time to dive-into details on how-to-apply for settle status (for non-EEA EU family) under UK and EU legal ground. So much idea to decide what to do next.
By sivarnee

Settled status book

Very useful reference and well presented.

Settled Status Handbook

Very useful and brief consulting tool. Thank you very much for it.
By Herman

EU Settlement Scheme Handbook

Everything you need to know - great value!
By Richard McKee

Useful and in depth

Good to see a walkthrough. Takes away the fear of potential hidden consequences of certain questions. Also provides in-depth detail about a range of special cases.
By Sebastian Hallensleben

One major shortcoming

Although well-written, IMHO there is one point where the guide could be MUCH more helpful. On page 21 it says the app "only works on some Android phones" and not "on older Android devices". Folk like me who don't change their phone every year don't keep up with this kind of thing. I discovered the app was not compatible with my phone; okay, it's at least fie years old. HOWEVER I then went an bought another BRAND NEW Android phone, which I didn't need except to download this one app - and then found this too was 'incompatible'. I fought for hours to try to update the OS, with no success. I have discovered the current version of Android - at least last weekend - is apparently 9.0. SO, if the whizzkids who built this app designed it to work only with v9.0, WE SHOULD BE TOLD! Or if it works with anything else, it would be great to know so folk like me don't waste money and time.
By Ian Neale

Settled status book

Excellent booklet. Concise and helpful.
By Narinder

Settled Status Handbook

Very useful reference and well presented.
By ilyas aziz

Good compendium

A valuable and very useful distillation of information which has often seemed contradictory and perhaps itself is not yet fully settled. I find several non-EEA EU family members as CAB clients who have been abandoned by separation or domestic violence but who have a good record of residence and employment. It would be good to have some information on how such cases are handled, if and when this becomes available. typos. page 14 para 2 line 1 insert 'who' page 108 final para line 2 'aid'
By JChambers

Fantastic Resource

This is a fantastic resource bringing clarity where there is much confusion. I’ve already recommended to a number of solicitors. Many thanks
By Adam Pipe

No info for family members of British Citizens living in EU

Unfortunately this book was useless for me as it is not covering British citizens families living in EU. We managed to obtain EEA family permit and I was looking for information how to apply under EU Settlement Scheme, as we also fall under this scheme. Hope it would be updated later.
By Galina Zharova