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How to avoid the dreaded float list in the immigration tribunal

The float list is dreaded by lawyers and hated by appellants. Basically, the immigration tribunal is already so under resourced (and that is before the coming cuts) and so utterly lacking in respect for immigrants and their friends, families and lawye ...

8th July 2015 By

Compensation awarded for hearing cancelled at short notice

Given my experience on the float list at Hatton Cross this week, this successful complaint to the Parliamentary and Health Ombudsman makes very interesting reading. An award of £3,600 plus interest for legal costs and £100 for inconvenience was made ...

22nd August 2014 By

Float list

Want to know what it was like stuck on the float list at Hatton Cross today? Read Emily Dugan’s excellent write up in The Independent. We weren’t the only ones. Several cases were adjourned off to future dates, including cases in which my ...

19th August 2014 By

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