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New learn immigration law course: perfect for OISC Level 1

New learn immigration law course: perfect for OISC Level 1

Our comprehensive online immigration law training course for new immigration lawyers or advisers is perfect for the OISC Level 1 exams. It costs just £20 plus VAT to get started as a monthly member with access to this and over 100 hours of our other courses, and you can cancel your membership at any time.

We’ve used every trick in our book to make the courses as accessible and easy to follow as we can: plain and simple language, diagrams, infographics, a ludicrous number of worked examples and, occasionally, humour.

You can see the course contents and paid members can access the course here (click to expand):

Module 1 Introduction to immigration law
Unit 1 Getting the most out of our course
Unit 2 How does immigration law work?
Unit 3 How do the Immigration Rules work?
Unit 4 The exclusionary principle
Unit 5 Permission to travel, enter and remain
Unit 6 Who does what in immigration control?
Unit 7 How to make a valid application in the UK
Unit 8 How to make a valid application outside the UK
Module 2 Visitors, residents and family
Unit 1 Visitors
Unit 2 Family members of settled residents and citizens
Unit 3 Family members of migrants
Unit 4 Private life, long residence and returning residents
Unit 5 Human rights: Article 8 and best interests of children
Module 3 Asylum and protection
Unit 1 Who is and isn't a refugee?
Unit 2 Making an asylum application
Unit 3 Protection status and benefits
Module 4 Nationality
Unit 1 History of British nationality law and types of British nationality
Unit 2 Becoming British by birth
Unit 3 Becoming British by registration
Unit 4 Becoming British by naturalisation
Unit 5 Losing British nationality
Module 5 The EU Settlement Scheme
Unit 1 Settled and pre-settled status
Unit 2 Application process
Unit 3 Family members
Unit 4 Family members of British citizens
Unit 5 Late applications
Unit 6 Refusals
Module 6 Business immigration and students
Unit 1 Highly skilled migrants
Unit 2 Sponsored workers
Unit 3 Students and graduates
Unit 4 Temporary work routes
Unit 5 Other work and study routes
Module 7 General grounds for refusal, deportation and detention
Unit 1 General grounds for refusal
Unit 2 Deportation
Unit 3 Detention and bail
Module 8 Appeals and remedies
Unit 1 Administrative Review and Home Office remedies
Unit 2 Appeals to the First-tier Tribunal
Unit 3 Applications for judicial review
Unit 4 Feedback and evaluation
Unit 5 Mock exams

Feedback is all “good” or “excellent”, with one happy trainee telling us it was the best online training course she’d ever taken (although she didn’t mention how many other online courses she’d done…)

It was an interesting course and the test yourself questions made me engage with and think about the information presented rather than simply reading it.  The course provides a good overall introduction to this area of law and the explanations were good.  The use of models, case examples and diagrams was excellent.
All of the course seemed comprehensive and presented things in a straightforward way. Links to additional reading, case law and guidance was also helpful. Some of the graphics were really helpful too e.g. good character.
I really liked the multiple choice questions as I could work on my weak areas and this also gave me a boost as It made me confident as to the amount of information I already know.
There are good visual summaries, examples and links to see where to find the information given.
I like the overall structure and the use of graphics to simplify difficult concepts. It is very helpful also to have links to official documents and practical examples.
Good overviews, clear writing style, good links to HO/gov website, humour, the diagrams were great and clear (e.g. refugee convention outline).

We’ve also created a separate shorter course all about the OISC regulations, system of ethics and the exams, and we’ve turned that into a free ebook. Click to expand the shorter course contents:

Module 1 Introduction to OISC Level 1
Unit 1 What is the OISC and how does the scheme work?
Unit 2 Fit, proper and competent
Unit 3 Permitted and prohibited work at OISC Level 1
Unit 4 Ethics, conduct, standards and the OISC
Unit 5 Signposting and referral
Module 2 Essential skills and abilities and the exam
Unit 1 Essential skills and abilities required at OISC Level 1
Unit 2 Getting ready for the OISC Level 1 assessment
Unit 3 Multiple choice test
Unit 4 Scenario based exam questions
Unit 5 Mock OISC Level 1 multiple choice test 1
Unit 6 Mock OISC Level 1 multiple choice test 2
Unit 7 Mock OISC Level 1 multiple choice test 3
Unit 8 Feedback and evaluation

The 20 question, timed, auto-marking mock multiple choice exams are modelled closely on real papers from the OISC. We’re also testing a whizzy new system of giving targeted feedback; where people get questions wrong we’ll point out if there is a theme or weak area of knowledge and offer further reading suggestion

Take a look for yourself and let us know what you think. We’re keen to improve and enhance the course over time and this is just the first version.

Access to the OISC Level 1 training course, and our other immigration law training courses, is for paying Free Movement members only. If you haven’t joined already then sign up on our joining page. Membership is available for just £20 per month plus VAT and can be cancelled at any time.

Immigration and asylum barrister, blogger, writer and consultant at Garden Court Chambers in London and founder of the Free Movement immigration law website.