Author: Colin Yeo

Originally published: November 2018

Last updated: January 2022

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OISC Level 1: Regulation and examination handbook


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A comprehensive guide to the OISC system of regulation and legal ethics aimed at OISC Level 1 advisers, with top tips on examination technique. Updated in January 2022.

This free and comprehensive guide to the OISC’s exams and regulations at Level 1 includes a walk through of how to prepare for the OISC exams, what to expect on the day of the exam as well as a detailed look at what work is permitted and prohibited at Level 1, how the categories for registration work, how the OISC Code of Conduct works in practice for immigration lawyers, what signposting, referral and outsourcing mean and how they work. We conclude with twenty pages of our top tips on preparing for the exams, what happens in the exams on the big day and on examination technique.

We use plain language and examples throughout the ebook to explain how the OISC scheme and exams work and provide links to key OISC resources like model documents and frequently asked questions. This is the ideal starting point if you plan to apply for registration at OISC Level 1.

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Oisc Level 1 booklet

Very informative, clear to understand, Well written and explained. Thank you for sharing.
By Mussarat Bi

Excellent and practical guide

Comprehensive and clearly written. Practical advice that will enable you to approach the exams with confidence.
By Richard Whitecross

The best

A wonderful and professional course
By Adrian Draghici

OISC Level 1

So helpful... There is so many important information... Love it.
By Jesuisa Cassandra

OISC Level 1

Well pointing to the details, I did find that quite useful Knowledge and reasonable tips which we skim from this book, moreover I would like to see more of ethical challenges and the argument technic and point making on different scenario and difficult case, I like to see and learn the aspact of empowering the logic over the rehearsing factors.
By philip Rush

OISC Level 1 exam

Materials were excellent in revising for the exam, especially the practice assessments and feedback.
By David Martin


Grateful I came across this. Terminology very easy to understand and explaination of key points very detailed. Highly recommended if you’re preparing for the OISC exam.
By Lin A

OISC Level handbook

This is very informative and magnanimous. It helps to bring qualitative information and guidance into the practice. Thank you.
By Emmanuel Yerokun


Excellent learning material. Should have subscribed to free movement years ago to keep up to date with latest immigration law updates
By Tambirai Chidzonga

OISC Level 1

Comprehensive and easy to understand. Great stuff.
By Princewill

OISC level 1 booklet

The e-book is very useful as a guide to the students who wants to do OISC level 1. -Important tips.

Interesting for non-specialists, too

I am not a lawyer, nor an "immigration professional." However, I found the book very clear, and the multiple choice tests a way to check my understanding of the parts of immigration edifice that interest me. Thanks for making it available.
By Jonathan Warner

OISC Level 1

I loved this guide, it was so helpful and I discovered things that will now make a difference between passing & failing the exam. There isn't too much help on the net regarding becoming regulated however this free guide has proved to be a valuable resource for me. Thank you so much for sharing this !