Guide to naturalisation as a British citizen

8% of applications for naturalisation as a British citizens are rejected by the Home Office, without the fee being returned. These guides aim to inform people wishing to become British of common pitfalls in the process.

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EU citizens and British citizenship

Information for EU citizens considering applying for British citizenship

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Good character

An applicant for naturalisation as a British citizen must prove they are "of good character". But what does this mean? In this eposts we explore different aspects of what lawyers call the "good character test".

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Overturning a citizenship refusal based on character concerns is very difficult

Deciding whether someone is of good character in the context of a citizenship application is up to the Home Office. Getting that decision overturned in the courts is likely to be very difficult. This is what we learn from the Court of Appeal’s decis ...

7th April 2022 By

How the Chagossians won the right to register as British

When the Nationality and Borders Bill returns to the House of Lords later today, it will contain a registration provision allowing direct descendants of those born on the Chagos Islands to become British nationals. The Chagossians will be entitled to ...

4th April 2022 By

Home Office not required to help work out whether a child is British

Is the Home Office under a duty to provide information establishing a child’s nationality? This is the question considered by the Inner House of the Court of Session in AS v Secretary of State for the Home Department [2022] CSIH 16. Unfortunately, t ...

22nd March 2022 By

Victim of brutal domestic abuse loses appeal against deprivation of British citizenship

A mother of three British children has lost her appeal against the decision of Amber Rudd to take away her British citizenship in 2017. The judgment of the Special Immigration Appeals Commission (SIAC) makes for very grim reading.  The woman, anonym ...

10th March 2022 By

Nobody has been refused citizenship for lack of CSI

Regular readers will remember the problems caused by Comprehensive Sickness Insurance, or CSI. Essentially, certain EU citizens in the UK pre-Brexit were expected to have private health insurance. If they didn’t, it can still cause them legal pr ...

4th February 2022 By

Supreme Court upholds government’s right to set child citizenship fees as it chooses

The Supreme Court has dismissed a challenge to the level at which the government has set the fees for children to register as British citizens. The court held that the government has been authorised by Parliament to set the level of the fees as it cho ...

2nd February 2022 By