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Ahmed: “historical injustice” explained… again?

The Upper Tribunal has provided further guidance on the meaning of historical injustice in the case of Ahmed v SSHD [2023] UKUT 00165 (IAC). “Historical injustice” is the term used to describe the circumstances where an individual has suffered as ...

25th July 2023 By

What are the immigration rules for settled returning residents of the United Kingdom?

A “returning resident” is a resident of the United Kingdom with settled status who returns to the country after a lengthy absence abroad. Ordinarily, when a person refers to “returning residents” they might be talking about a t ...

21st July 2023 By

UK immigration policies breach human rights standards

In its 2023 World Report, Human Rights Watch found that the recent immigration and asylum policies introduced by the UK government breach domestic human rights obligations and undermine international human rights standards. The report focuses on the R ...

2nd February 2023 By

Frontex, pushbacks and the failure to protect the right to claim asylum in Greece

Across Europe, asylum seekers and displaced people are facing growing hostility as they look to start new lives escaping war and persecution. In Greece, there is continually mounting evidence of “pushbacks” to which Frontex, the European Border an ...

30th November 2022 By

Latest figures show only 8% of deportation appeals allowed on human rights ground only

Figures the Ministry of Justice was instructed to publish by the Office for Statistics Regulation show that just 8% of all deportation appeals lodged in 2020/21 were allowed on human rights grounds only. The one-off statistical release follows from th ...

21st November 2022 By

Grand Chamber finds France breached the European Convention of Human Rights

The Grand Chamber of the European Court of Human Rights has held that France breached Article 3.2 of Protocol 4 due to the lack of explanation for and independent scrutiny of decisions not to repatriate two French nationals living in camps controlled ...

16th September 2022 By
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