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I have decided that I will revive Free Movement in some shape or form in the near future, although not quite yet. There is just too much going on at the moment in immigration law to abandon the blog and I’ve been really touched and amazed by the many, many comments and direct personal emails I’ve received. I simply had no idea how many people whose opinion I myself value were actively reading the blog. Statistics are not an accurate indicator of influence, I guess.

I am still pained and very frustrated by John O’s hijacking of the Free Movement name, I assume in an attempt to associate himself with this blog. At times like these — the mad quota, English language tests for spouses, the demise of RMJ, the end of legal aid for immigration cases, the threat to IAS — the last thing we need in the small world of immigration law is this sort of divisiveness and malice.

In the meantime, check out the HJT Training blog for some recent updates and an upcoming monster post on the different editions of the Points Based System guidance.

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The Free Movement blog was founded in 2007 by Colin Yeo, a barrister at Garden Court Chambers specialising in immigration law. The blog provides updates and commentary on immigration and asylum law by a variety of authors.


27 Responses

  1. FM – it will be nice to have you back. HJT never had the same level of interest as this site.

    “There is just too much going on at the moment… to abandon the blog”
    as in Phil Woolas, the man who said “Immigrants should play by the rules”, and who introduced the 1/5/10 year return bans.
    Hasn’t he just been banned from Parliament for 3 years for breaching election campaign rules in a racist way.
    Oooh the irony. His mates are helping him appeal. What did Phil say about immigration appealants?

  2. Really really pleased about this, FM. You have been sorely missed.

    And re Woolass – there is such a thing as karma after all then. :o)

  3. I can’t tell you how very pleased I am to hear of your decision to stick with the blog. This news today has brightened an otherwise very bleak week. Hope it will be starting soon. Kind Regards. Mh

  4. I’m so glad you’ll be coming back. Your blog has helped keep me sane through my own US to UK immigration process. Thank you for returning to it.

  5. Brilliant news at last. Cannot wait you have been very, very much missed. Keep up the good work

  6. Very pleased to hear this. The commentary you gave wasn’t available anywhere else, and has been a ‘must read’ beyond asylum and immigration law into administrative law in general. And, as you say, there’s too much going on.

  7. That`s good news.

    You can not punish too many people for just one person nonsense.This is not fair at all.

    Good to hear you are back.


  8. Hurrah – too much going on in the world of immigration and asylum law for your observations to be lost. Hope to see you soon

  9. What can I say!!! It is a huge relief that you have decided to return. You are by far, the best in the business. Life just wasn’t the same without you!!!

    Please come back soon!!

  10. I am so glad you decided to continue with this blog.Long live Freemovement!!!!! Its the best Immigration Blog ever!!!