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Jeff Crisp

Dr Jeff Crisp is a research associate at the Refugee Studies Centre, University of Oxford and an associate fellow in international law at Chatham House, London. He previously held senior positions at UNHCR (head of policy development and evaluation), Refugees International (senior director for policy and advocacy) and the Global Commission on International Migration (director of policy and research).

Refugees are in the news. The Russian invasion of Ukraine has provoked one of the largest, fastest and geographically widespread exoduses of recent years. Thousands of Afghans who escaped from their homeland in the aftermath of the Taliban takeover are still waiting to find a permanent home. Largely ignored by...

5th May 2022
BY Jeff Crisp

On 20 July 2021, Free Movement published an article about the UK’s new Displaced Talent Mobility Programme, which concluded that it constituted “a new complementary pathway” for refugees to reach the country and “a positive step that will hopefully encourage other countries to do the same”. The purpose of this...

5th August 2021
BY Jeff Crisp
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