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Scaling a citizenship and nationality practice profitably comes with significant challenges due to the knowledge-intensive nature of the work, which can’t be delegated.  Consequently, business owners spend hours researching the law for individual cases, and at times needing to refuse more complex/profitable work. This leaves little to no time to take on new clients or even train junior members of staff.

AORA Nationality Determiner is your strategic platform to achieve these goals. AORA works alongside Immigration Lawyers to assess British nationality and citizenship claims at the touch of a button. It generates a full-suite of case-specific supporting documentation too. 

AORA customers are enabled to increase their caseload while having complete confidence in their advice, saving time, and minimising professional risk.

Instead of needing to do extensive research to check if your client has a claim to British Nationality, you are now able to answer basic questions about your client’s family history and AORA applies the law on your behalf with 100% accuracy. This means that you can accurately status trace even the most complex applications in under 20 minutes.

AORA ND has been assessed against over 1,000 test cases, including the most complex cases used by the Home Office for Senior Caseworker training.

Once your inquiry is complete, AORA generates the following documents on your behalf:

  • Customisable pre-drafted client reports
  • Status Trace
  • A fully explained legal opinion
  • Letters of representation to the Home Office and Passport Office
  • A personalised list of supporting evidence documents for your client
  • Autocompleted Home Office application form

Our customers find that AORA allows them to service an average of 15x the number of claims, as time spent on a typical case reduces from to under 20 minutes. AORA’s technology assesses all possible routes to citizenship, leaving no stone unturned for your client, meaning that your client can apply via the least costly route, distinguishing you from other practitioners, helping to build your reputation, and saving money for your client.

Examples of documents created by AORA are available in our online catalogue. The content of these documents can be customised to your requirements and use your firm’s logo.

Watch the AORA Nationality Determiner video to learn more:

For more information or to request a demonstration, please call Sarah on 020 3389 9422 or email: sarah@aoralaw.com

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