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What happens when biometric residence permits expire in 2024?

Biometric residence permits, due to expire at the end of December 2024, are to be replaced with “eVisas“. Home Office guidance explains that people will need to register and set up an online account so that they can view and share relevant information about their immigration status with third parties, such as employers or landlords. The guidance states:

You can do this by generating a share code in the view and prove service, which will give them time-limited access to your immigration status information. You can get a new share code whenever you need one – you do not have to remember a single unique code to be able to prove your status.

We’ll continue to share relevant information about your immigration status automatically with some government departments and other public authorities. This will reduce the need for you to interact with online services when proving your immigration status.

Further updates on how to register will be provided in 2024, including on support to those who cannot navigate this process without it.


To say that these changes will be problematic is an understatement. You only have to look at what has happened with the EU Settlement Scheme as evidence of that, as extensive problems have been reported affecting people’s ability to travel and work. The Home Office carries on regardless.

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  1. Morning, I would like to find out how people will prove their status regarding travel if they do not have a BRP?
    For example, they will need to apply for a visa to visit other countries and also to be given boarding in a 3rd country to return to the UK?