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The updated paperback edition of my book, Welcome to Britain, is published today. You can order it from your Friendly Local Bookshop (its actually easier to use Google Maps than that website, frankly), directly from the publisher or from well-known internet retailers. If you’d like a signed copy, order one...

17th March 2022
BY Colin Yeo

From the outside looking in, initial immigration enforcement decisions like that in Glasgow last week to detain a person often seem opportunistic and random rather than strategic. The result is that the ‘wrong’ people end up being detained. We know this because of the high number of vulnerable people being...

16th May 2021
BY Colin Yeo

On the face of it, the current immigration ‘system’ does not resemble a true system at all. A member of the public reading newspaper headlines about the latest immigration controversy; a migrant trying to understand what documents to include with an application; a lawyer attempting to explain the nonsensical requirements;...

28th April 2021
BY Colin Yeo

With a recent inspection revealing the squalor in which refugees are housed when they reach the United Kingdom, the ensuing closure of Penally barracks but the continued operation of Napier, and yet more deterrent policies being trailed this morning, I thought I would share some thoughts from my book Welcome...

18th March 2021
BY Colin Yeo

My book Welcome to Britain: Fixing Our Broken Immigration System launches today. I was delighted to see it getting some coverage in the Observer yesterday. If you haven’t already you can order a copy from Waterstones, Amazon or from your local bookshop. You can also order a signed copy directly from...

29th June 2020
BY Colin Yeo

We’re holding a free online event next Monday — our first ever live online event in fact — to mark the launch of my book, Welcome to Britain: Fixing Our Broken Immigration System. The book takes you behind the scenes of the United Kingdom’s dysfunctional immigration system to look at...

26th June 2020
BY Colin Yeo
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