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Being non-racist is not enough

Racism is the belief that one racial group is above another racial group. It is supported by structural power. Structural power shows up in different ways and ensures unequal distribution of resources through laws, policies and behaviours amongst raci ...

26th August 2020 By

Race, racism and immigration in the United Kingdom: Black Lives Matter

The killing of George Floyd by Minneapolis police officers has shone a light on the ongoing difference in the treatment of black and white citizens in the United States. It is right and proper to think also about racism here in the United Kingdom. As ...

10th June 2020 By

Residential Landlords’ Association consultation response

There is no doubt that should the proposals be implemented then they will lead to unintended, but increased, discrimination against migrants, with some landlords refusing to house migrants for fear of falling foul of the new rules. ...

28th August 2013 By

Family visit appeals abolished and bonds introduced

As of today the full right of appeal against refusal of a visit visa sponsored by a family member in the UK has been abolished. Combined with the recently announced pilot of £3,000 ‘bonds’ payable for visitors to the UK, it is clear the G ...

25th June 2013 By

Private landlords as immigration informants

UPDATE: NOW IN FORCE. A few weeks ago David Cameron suggested that private landlords should be required to check the immigration status of tenants. Now, lo and behold, the measure is to be included in a new Immigration Bill announced in the QueenR ...

22nd May 2013 By

Secret race discrimination

In an earlier post I highlighted the new Ministerial Authorisation permitting race discrimination by immigration officials. This followed on from the exposure of discrimination against Pakistanis purely on the basis of their nationality by the Chief I ...

31st May 2011 By

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