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European Court of Human Rights considers fairness of remote hearings

In the case of Jallow v Norway (application no. 36516/19), the European Court of Human Rights looked at what is quite a familiar and popular topic at present: the fairness of conducting hearings remotely. In this case, the court found that the remote ...

20th December 2021 By

The irremovables: what happens to national security threats who cannot be deported?

The Home Office considers some foreign nationals living in the UK to be a threat to national security. Sometimes, to deport those individuals (as the government no doubt prefers) would be unlawful, because of how they would be treated on return to the ...

16th November 2018 By

“Serious irreversible harm” test case heard in Court of Appeal

This week, Lord Justices Elias, Richards and McCombe sat in the Court of Appeal and heard the first test cases against Section 94B of the Nationality, Immigration and Asylum Act 2002. Section 94B, introduced by the Immigration Act 2014 and which came ...

25th September 2015 By

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