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Some holiday reading on EU citizens’ rights and post-Brexit settled status


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Some holiday reading for those who just can’t get enough citizens’ rights. Seraphus Solicitors has put together a comprehensive list of materials on the rights of EU citizens living in the UK, almost all of whom will be affected by Brexit. It includes not just the key documents on the negotiated agreement between the UK and EU, but all manner of helpful links such as official guidance on the EU Settlement Scheme that has been set up and Q&As on what it all means.

Of particular interest are Seraphus’s own training slides on citizens’ rights and settled status. There is both a short and a long version. Seraphus works with the European Commission’s UK arm to give public presentations to EU citizens on what is going on with Brexit and their rights, so these materials are coming from experts in the field.


We have own our own explainers on the Free Movement EU hub and you can stay up to date on citizens’ rights by signing up to our Brexit newsletter.

Full disclosure: we work with Seraphus Solicitors to provide legal advice and an immigration application checking service.

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CJ McKinney

CJ McKinney

CJ McKinney is a specialist on immigration law and policy. Formerly the editor of Free Movement, you will find a lot of articles by CJ here on this website! Twitter: @mckinneytweets.


One Response

  1. Interesting. Detailed. Clear. For the Swiss, recent information from these official sources from the UK and the Swiss government site are:

    https://www.admin.ch/gov/en/start/documentation/media-releases.msg-id-73469.html the official Swiss portal for information.

    I am not a lawyer, and the details evade me. As I understand it, the Swiss, being free to sign bilateral agreements have done just that with Britain, and have signed it, very sensibly on the basis of whatever evolves there will be mutual recognition of rights “indefinitely”. I would have liked to see explicit clarification of the problem of Comprehensive Sickness Insurance.

    It is to be hoped that the online process also includes a place for “further information” as they do for instance in the written forms for claiming a pension. There will always be ‘unusual circumstances’ which need explanation. The problem with any online questionnaire or form is when a forced choice is given. If, at least, there is a further information question, the applicant can explain any possible problems with earlier questions.