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Migration blues


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This is brilliant. Looks like a fun day at the Public Enquiry Office to me.


It is In Your Hands by Charlie Winston, and apparently it reached the top ten in France. Many thanks to the correspondent who brought this to my attention. Not only are the lyrics and video great, but I like the music too.

A good, cheerful start to the week. But I’m afraid it won’t last…

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4 Responses

  1. I’m just wondering what will be next on the ‘banned to do’ list for asylum seekers from this government.
    They started with no benefits, then no permission to work, now it’s a no to driving licences. Do they prefer when people drive without having passed the driving test? They are only encouraging illegal activites in my view.

    Deny everything. For 10 or 20 years if necessary. They are only here on temporary admission, aren’t they? And they wouldn’t mind if you keep their file in storage for a few years. Five years of someone’s life in wating. It’s nothing, it’s just 5×365 days (+1 or +2). Small price for a greater cause.

    It’s just that this newest ‘being tough’ thing made me a bit irritated.

  2. My elderly mother took a horrendous fall in front of me some time ago and isn’t in the best of health.At times like these in life you really appreciate the support of the person nearest to you.At that time this person was 5000 miles away,waiting months for an appeal,with no certainty of a positive outcome at the finish.
    It was at this low point when it struck me,these folk really do have your whole world in their hands.Hatred and resentment barely began to describe it.Interference with family life?…OH YES
    Good to see an Englishman (Charlie Winston) who grasps the other side of immigration and asylum.It’s not all about ‘claiming our benefits,stealing our jobs’.And if it were the case,why are our nursing homes on their beam ends due to staff shortages? And they are.
    Good song and inspired lyrics

    1. P.S intersting to see charlie was born in cornwall and currently finding his fame and fortune elsewhere too…in Paris.