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Interested in advertising immigration lawyer jobs and want to reach a specialist audience? We run an immigration law jobs board for our core audience of solicitors, barristers, OISC advisers, other legal professionals and advisers using our website, email list and social media channels.

We are the leading website for immigration and asylum law news, updates and analysis. Since we started as a small blog in 2007 we’ve grown to one of the most trusted resources in the sector. We are widely read not just by lawyers but also by charities, NGOs, policy-makers, academics, students, journalists and interested members of the public. Google Analytics records 3.5 million page views for Free Movement in 2022, for example, from a total of 1.3 million users. As of September 2023, our weekly newsletter is received by 28,000 subscribers and our Free Movement social media channels (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook) have a combined audience of over 24,000 subscribers. Job adverts are also broadcast on Colin Yeo’s personal Twitter profile to his 43,000 followers.

There is no better way to reach an audience of immigration lawyers and advisers.


We offer a competitive rate for advertising on our site. We charge £550 + VAT for law firms and others, and we offer a 50% discount for registered charities, making the cost only £275 + VAT.


We want to ensure that your job advert reaches as many potential candidates as possible. To achieve this, we place the advert on our homepage in the same format as one of our normal articles. This ensures that your advert has high visibility on our site, rather than being hidden away on a separate jobs page. There are no restrictions on the duration for which the advert will remain visible.

In addition, we send the advert to our email subscribers via our weekly and daily email newsletters and also post the advert on our social media channels (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook).

You can see previous immigration law job adverts placed with Free Movement here.


We give each job advert the maximum exposure we can. We therefore restrict the number of adverts we publish each week and we spread them out so that our readers aren’t receiving too many adverts at the same time.

While we can guarantee very good exposure to our core and wider readership, we cannot guarantee responses to your ad.

Payment and publication

To begin the job advertising process, please submit the ad copy (with no word limit or prescribed format) and a high resolution image (preferably in png format) of your company logo using the form below.

We require payment in full before publication. The cost is £225 + VAT for registered charities and £550 + VAT for everyone else.

Once payment has been received, we will review and publish your advert and confirm the date and time that it will go live.

We hope that you find our job advertising service helpful in finding the right candidate for your job opening. If you have any further questions or would like to go ahead and place an advert, please don’t hesitate to contact us at

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