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Job ad: immigration/EUSS programme manager, East European Resource Centre


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Job details

Role Title: Immigration/EUSS Programme Manager 

Grade: C 

Salary: £32,029 – £35,934 per annum pro rata, depending on experience 

Hours: Full time 

Contract: Permanent  

Location: London 

Reports to: Deputy CEO 


East European Resource Centre (EERC) is an independent charity that has been providing advice and  support to disadvantaged Eastern European migrants since 1984. Since the 2004 / 2007 EU enlargement,  our core user group comes from the accession countries: Poland, Romania, Lithuania, Slovakia, Czech Rep.,  Hungary, Bulgaria, Latvia, Estonia, Slovenia.  

Our history started in 1981 when as a Polish Refugee Rights Group we initiated support to Polish refugees  in London after the Martial Law and persecution of Poles involved in the Solidarity movement. As the Iron  Curtain started to crumble, the need to support fleeing nationals from the Soviet Bloc encouraged us to  expand our areas of help and we became the East European Advice Centre. Our history mirrors history of  Central Europe, with waves of refugees from the Balkan wars, fleeing persecuted Roma communities and  economic migrants from transforming Central European countries having shaped our work. In recognition  of diversified portfolio of services and multiple needs of our constituents, we changed the name to EERC in  2015. 

We help all Eastern European migrants in need but our core focus is on those who are disadvantaged,  marginalised and isolated. We work with users who are socially excluded or at risk; who are impoverished  and those who are victims of hate crime, domestic violence, and modern slavery; who have low life skills,  are illiterate, and have no support networks. Our work combines frontline delivery of services with  continuous needs assessment so that we can respond to new emerging needs, or needs specific to  particular vulnerabilities of our users. 

Currently, we provide

  • Advice covering welfare benefits, housing, and immigration 
  • Independent advocacy for survivors of labour exploitation and domestic violence ∙ Isolation support and community development 
  • Information on a wide range of topics relevant to EE nationals in the UK 
  • Evidence-based policy influencing in all above areas 
  • Outreach and awareness-raising campaigns to reach even most marginalised fellow expats 

This year we have supported over 5,000 people with advice and casework. We’ve reached a further 400,000 people through online events and campaigns. We have provided isolation support to just under  100 people and crisis support to those who need it. We employ 23 staff members and approximately 20  volunteers. We work together to get the best outcomes for our clients and champion best practice. 

EERC is a fully professional organisation. We are members of Advice UK, National Homeless Advice Service,  Children Poverty Action Group and many other networks. We are registered with the Office of Immigration  Services Commissioner and Financial Conduct Authority (for debt advice purposes). EERC is a charitable  company limited by guarantee registered with the Companies House and the Charity Commission. 

About this job opportunity

EERC is seeking a full-time, permanent Immigration/EUSS Programme Manager.  

The ideal candidate will be qualified to OISC Level 2, Level 3, or as an Immigration Solicitor. They will also  have some experience working with vulnerable people and managing others.  

This role will lead the Immigration and EUSS work at EERC including: 

  • Direct advice and casework for clients up to qualification level 
  • Leadership, management and development of Immigration/EUSS programme ∙ Supervision of OISC Level 1 casework 

Given the current situation, this role will be done primarily from home at first. Once public health guidance  allows – the role will be based out of our London office. EERC is well set up to facilitate work from home  including case management, supervision, and communications as well as to safely see clients and  colleagues in the office.  

How to apply 

Send completed ‘EERC Application Form’ to careers@eerc.org.uk by 10am on 6 April 2021.

Interviews will be held via Zoom on the 8 April 2021. 

Role description

1. Purpose

To provide high quality immigration advice and casework up to qualification level; to lead, manage and  develop the Immigration/EUSS programme including line management of Immigration Advisers; and to  supervise OISC Level 1 casework. 

2. Key duties and responsibilities

2.1 Immigration Advice and Casework 

  • Maintain an understanding of the social, legal, and regulatory context and needs of user group in  and around the advice area.
  • Provide high quality free and charged immigration advice and casework to clients.
  • Balance and maintain an active caseload.
  • Keep all support plans and interactions up-to-date using EERC’s case management software and in  line with EERC policies. 
  • Uphold and adhere to EERC policies to safeguard users and colleagues against breach of  confidentiality, poor practice, abuse, conflicts of interest, and other risks. 

2.2 Immigration/EUSS Programme Management 

  • Lead, manage, and develop the Immigration/EUSS programme. 
  • To develop and realise the programme strategy and ensure responsive to a changing context.  
  • Work with other senior managers to ensure high quality, consistent and seamless service between  programmes and programmes.  
  • Manage the programme team to promote a productive, learning, and supportive working  environment. 
  • Recruit to the programme, and ensure adequate training for new and current programme staff. 
  • Line manage Immigration Advisers in the programme including monthly one-to-one supervision  sessions. 
  • Manage and report on programme finances and budget.  
  • Design and maintain appropriate programme monitoring and evaluation tools.  
  • Draw out, analyse, and report on programme delivery and impact including statistics, narrative and  case studies when needed.  
  • Manage reporting, relationship, and liaison with funders, partners, and other programme stakeholders.  
  • Contribute to the long term sustainability of the programme by making funding applications,  negotiating partnerships, and developing some paid work.  
  • Maintain an understanding of the legal and regulatory needs of the role and programme – particularly around the SRA, AQS, and OISC, and ensure compliance.  
  • Oversee outreach and communications around the programme.  

2.3 Casework supervision 

  • Conduct regular file reviews of the Immigration Advisers casework to ensure high quality advice  given and procedures followed.
  • Support the Immigration Advisers to conduct regular file reviews of EUSS casework.
  • Supervise and develop advice and casework capacity and skills of Immigration/EUSS programme team.
  • Support Advice Programme Manager in maintaining and developing policies and procedures  aligned to the Advice Quality Standard and OISC across all strands of frontline delivery. 

2.4 General 

  • Support colleagues to promote individual, team and organisation wellbeing. 
  • Take an active role in the Senior Management team, attending meetings and supporting the  development of the service.  
  • Work with CEO to coordinate policy influencing and media engagement in programme area  including feeding in to key messages and collating evidence.  
  • Uphold and adhere to EERC policies and procedures and relevant legislation and regulations. 
  • Represent, promote, and network on behalf of the programme and charity appropriately at events,  in discussions, and in publications.  
  • Contribute to good practice guidance development and communications around  Immigration/EUSS.  
  • Work flexibly as required by the support service and to undertake any other duties commensurate  with the post.

Person specification

Knowledge, experience and skills 

E = Essential 

D = Desirable

Experience working as a Senior Immigration Adviser or Immigration Solicitor 


Accreditation to OISC Level 2, OISC Level 3 or as an Immigration Solicitor 


Experience managing or supervising other caseworkers 


Experience working with vulnerable or marginalised people 


Experience leading a project or team. 


Experience undertaking file reviews – checking for quality of advice and practise. 


Experience developing quality systems and processes for a casework team. 


Fluency in an Eastern European language 


Experience managing project budgets 


Experience monitoring and evaluating project work. 


Personal skills and features 

E = Essential 

D = Desirable

Approachable and a good listener; excellent interpersonal skills 


Integrity and excellent understanding of professional boundaries 


Proven ability to manage own workload – this role requires significant independence 


Confident and effective communicator 


Proven ability to write reports, clear and concise notes, and keep accurate records 


Good teamwork and leadership skills 


Excellent computer literacy (Microsoft Office and internet) 


Ability to travel across the Greater London 



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