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Job Ad: Asylum Aid are recruiting (3 positions)


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Asylum Aid have three exciting job vacancies available. We look forward to hearing from prospective candidates for any of these roles:

1. Asylum and Immigration Supervisor

  • Closing date: 9am on Thursday 23 February 2023.
  • Salary: full time – £36-45,000 per annum (dependent on experience).
  • This is a really exciting opportunity for a IAAS Level 2 accredited solicitor/caseworker to join our growing team and work on an exciting project funded by the Justice Together Initiative to pilot a model of remote training and supervision to increase capacity to deliver complex asylum, protection and human rights casework.
  • After an initial period supervising caseworkers at Asylum Aid, you will spend a subsequent period of at least 6-12 months delivering intensive training and remote supervision to OISC level 2 and 3 caseworkers at our partner organisations who want to increase their confidence and ability to deliver expert advice and representation in complex asylum, human rights, family reunion and trafficking cases. During this subsequent period of intensive training and supervision, you will work with advisers across England and Wales, many of whom may be working in advice deserts and/or in community-led organisations. You will step away from frontline casework to allow you to focus on training and supervision of caseworkers at our partner organisations. You will seek to build their capacity and confidence and to develop a connected community of specialist advisers who can share knowledge and support each other into the future.

More details are available on our website at: https://asylumaid.org.uk/who-we-are/join-us/asylum-and-immigration-supervisor


2. Public Law and Immigration Supervisor

  • Closing date: 9am on Thursday 23 February 2023.
  • Salary: full time – £36-45,000 per annum (dependent on experience).
  • We are looking for a IAAS Level 2 accredited solicitor (supervisor) with significant experience of judicial review, as well as legally aided immigration and asylum work, to lead our public law team and contribute to the development of strategic legal work at Asylum Aid.

More details are available on our website at: https://asylumaid.org.uk/who-we-are/join-us/public-law-and-immigration-supervisor


Please note: if you want to be considered for both supervisor roles, please feel free to submit a single application, but indicate clearly that you want to be considered for both. You will also need to address the requirements of both posts in your application – there is naturally some overlap, but there are also distinct aspects of both roles.


We are also separately recruiting for legal administrator:


3. Legal Service Administrator

  • Closing date: 5pm on Wednesday 8 March 2023
  • Salary: £27,000 per annum
  • We have an exciting opportunity for a Legal Administrator at Asylum Aid. The Legal Administrator is a key component of the Asylum Aid team, running and overseeing all its central functions and providing vital support to our casework staff. They oversee all of our systems that enable these efficiencies, as well as supporting the fee earners in their casework.

More details are available on our website at: https://asylumaid.org.uk/who-we-are/join-us/legal-service-administrator


If you have any queries in relation to the above applications, please see our website for further details and contact information: https://asylumaid.org.uk/who-we-are/join-us


About Asylum Aid: For over thirty years, Asylum Aid has been providing legal representation to some of the most vulnerable people seeking asylum. We have built an expert service, delivering vital and life-saving services in some of the most complex legal cases, with a particular speciality working with

Survivors of trafficking, torture or other forms of human cruelty, unaccompanied minors and stateless people.

Asylum Aid fills a critical gap in support for people at risk of being returned to danger and violence overseas or languishing in the legal system, resulting in crisis and exploitation in the UK. We know that without the proper legal advice and representation, which require both time and care, people seeking protection in the UK can end up in limbo for years, causing them great pain and trauma, and leaving them vulnerable to exploitation and potentially being trafficked. At Asylum Aid we provide specialist advice and end-to-end casework, which allows us to gain the insight and knowledge that are essential in putting the best case forward for our clients, so they are able to obtain legal protection and remain safe.

Since August 2020, Asylum Aid has been part of the Helen Bamber Foundation Group. Asylum Aid operates as an independent charity, led by its own Director within the group structure, and is ambitious about growing its impact and reach in the future to ensure protection from persecution for those who need it. The Helen Bamber Foundation is a pioneering Human Rights charity supporting refugees and asylum seekers who are the survivors of trafficking and torture, including gender-based and ‘honour-based’ violence. Recognising the complexity of each client’s suffering and needs, the Foundation offers specialist services within a Model of Integrated Care encompassing: therapy; medical advice; legal protection; counter-trafficking support; housing & welfare advice; and community and integration.


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