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Age assessments: how to challenge a negative decision

The impact of age assessment decisions on unaccompanied asylum seeking children coming to the UK is huge. As we explored in this earlier article, an age assessment decision will affect a young person’s entitlement to social work support and care. It ...

28th September 2023 By

Age assessments: what happens when a child arrives in the UK? 

The majority of unaccompanied children who enter the UK to seek asylum do not bring with them evidence of their age. Because of this, the Home Office has a duty to carry out an initial assessment of their age to establish whether they are, or could be ...

4th July 2023 By

Home Office publishes guidance on streamlined asylum processing for children

The Home office has published new guidance introducing a streamlined process to deal with child asylum applications. The policy explained in the guidance apparently intends to help the Home Office fulfil the commitment made by Rishi Sunak to clear the ...

21st March 2023 By

All families matter: An inquiry into family migration

The scandal of asylum-seeking children going missing from Home Office hotels (Ministers resist terms such as ‘kidnapped’) is an extreme situation. But they are not the only children suffering at the hands of the UK’s migration policies. The Lord ...

7th March 2023 By

Common cross-cultural pitfalls with young clients seeking asylum

This article reviews some common cross-cultural pitfalls between legal representatives and young people claiming asylum. It also provides some ideas on how to mitigate cultural misunderstandings. Going into your initial meeting, a basic understanding ...

19th January 2023 By

Home Office hotels not fit to house unaccompanied child asylum seekers

An inspection report examining the use of hotels for housing unaccompanied asylum-seeking children has been published this week, but the findings make for unsettling reading. The report criticises the operation of what are effectively unregistered chi ...

21st October 2022 By
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