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My my, one gets more comments on The Guardian website than on Free Movement! I’ve been busy in court all day (on a non immigration case) and get back to find that there were 87 comments on the short piece I’ve done for Liberty Central at The Guardian’s website.

I haven’t yet read beyond the first few comments, but having seen those and being familiar with the tone of responses to other liberal commentators there I imagine many will be negative.

At some point later today I’ll be logging on there and starting to do a few responses…

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The Free Movement blog was founded in 2007 by Colin Yeo, a barrister at Garden Court Chambers specialising in immigration law. The blog provides updates and commentary on immigration and asylum law by a variety of authors.


10 Responses

  1. Well being a Guardian Comment is Free addict, and as I was only in court this afternoon, I managed to get in some rants by way of rebuttal this morning before I left.

    Well done on the piece though. The Graun website has sadly been infiltrated with right-wingers and BNPers for some time, so you will not get a very favourable reception from the majority.

    Kind regards

  2. last year, i said there was Chinese police involved in deportation of Chinese asylum seekers,FM deleted my comment.
    27,oct,2009,there were more than 100 people been deported to China, again, there WERE Chinese police involved. Don’t you think it’s one step too far to hand these innocent people to CHINESE POLICE.

    1. I think I probably deleted it because you did not explain what you meant, referred to no evidence and the comment seemed rather pointless, as does this one.

    2. sorry, FM, what i trying to say is, as in your word:”What UKBA fails to appreciate is that there are many, many more victims whose rights are violated but who never manage to secure the protection of the rule of law.”

  3. This blog’s only of relevance to those with a genuine interest i reckon.Too in depth for screaming,institutionalised griffin fans.I mean,you even have to know a bit about immigration for heavens sake!!

    1. Oh wait…he’s not a jamaican national…just eligible to play for jamaica…carry on…………