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Free Asylum Aid video resources

Free Asylum Aid video resources

Our thanks to Debora Singer and the good people at Asylum Aid for permission to use one of their videos in our new online training course on the UK asylum process. From Us to You is a short series of tips for female asylum seekers facing a Home Office interview, by women who have themselves been through the process. It is freely available on YouTube in various languages, not just through the Free Movement course.

The video includes pointers on the right to a female interviewer, the importance of disclosing experiences of sexual violence and arranging childcare during the interview itself. Asylum Aid was instrumental in ensuring that childcare is now available at all asylum interview hubs via the Home Office’s Asylum Childcare Provision Project, after a ten-year campaign for a nationwide service.

The charity has other video resources available, such as Falling at each hurdle: Credibility assessments in women’s asylum claims and Through Her Eyes: Enabling Women’s Best Evidence in UK Asylum Appeals. If you know of similar free materials would be useful to asylum seekers or their representatives, do leave us a comment below.

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