Palestinian Refugees (Introductory)

CPD Points: 1

Length of course: 1 hour

About this course

This course was updated in November 2023.

Palestine, the small region in the Middle East comprising theoretically of the Gaza strip and the West Bank, has been marked by frequent conflict and land seizures for years.

This course looks at the socio-political history of the region and the interventions of United Nations agencies. It considers Article 1D of the Refugee Convention, known as one of the ‘exclusion’ clauses, and the effect this has on Palestinians applying for protection in the UK.

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Modules within this course..

  1. Context of Palestinian refugees in the Middle East

    This module looks at the socio-political background of Palestine and the region, the legal status of Palestinians, and the United Nations agencies established in response to the crisis and ongoing conflicts.

  2. International law and protection of Palestinian refugees

    This module delves into the protection available for Palestinian refugees and displaced persons. It compares Article 1A and 1D of the Refugee Convention and looks into the jurisprudence that has developed over the years in relation to the interpretation of Article 1D.

  3. Applying Article 1D in asylum claims in the UK

    This module considers how protection claims from Palestinians are dealt with by Home Office caseworkers in the UK.

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