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Tatiana Kazim

Tatiana is PLP’s Research Fellow in Public Law and Technology. She holds a Bachelor of Civil Law and an undergraduate law degree from the University of Oxford, and a politics and philosophy degree from the LSE. Before joining PLP, Tatiana worked as a judicial assistant at the Court of Appeal. She has also worked as a legal assistant at the Law Commission, looking at reform of the criminal law relating to harmful online communications. She volunteers at the Unity Project, supporting people with ‘no recourse to public funds’, and studies part time for the Bar Practice Course.

The Home Office has rebuffed Public Law Project’s (PLP) latest attempt to find out more about the secret algorithmic criteria used to decide whether a proposed marriage should be investigated as a “sham”. Sham marriage investigations can be invasive and unpleasant and it appears that they are targeted at some...

21st July 2021
BY Tatiana Kazim
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