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Syd Bolton

Syd Bolton is a lawyer specialising in working for children and refugee rights. He is currently not in practice in the UK.

The first week of September 2015. On the most northerly coast of Lesvos, one of the most easterly outposts of Greece’s many islands and a far flung outpost of the European Union, nestles the beautiful fishing port of Skala Sykaminias reached by a melting tarmac road at the end of...

15th September 2015
BY Syd Bolton

The host of the UK Human Rights Blog, 1 Crown Office Row, is a chambers that claims “23 Attorney-General’s Panel counsel in 2010”. Sadly, the 2nd February article Analysis: Children’s “best interests” and the problem of balance is a rather negative and sadly dismissive perspective on the subject of children’s...

4th February 2011
BY Syd Bolton
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