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Nicholas Reed Langen

Nicholas Reed Langen is a writer and commentator on the law and human rights. He is a Re:Constitution Fellow (2021/22) and the editor of the LSE Public Policy Review.

We live in a reaction economy. The age of social media means that governments, companies, and others in the public eye are not ruled by accountants assessing their bottom line or journalists scrutinising their actions, but by voters tapping onto their screens at home. Few government departments have embraced this...

5th June 2023
BY Nicholas Reed Langen

There have been many stories over the last few years about the reasons asylum seekers risk their lives crossing the Channel to come to the UK. If they are willing to do this, many people ask, then what is the point of making life more difficult for them when they...

20th January 2023
BY Nicholas Reed Langen

Economic migration is a two-way street. The UK might be ready and willing to receive the world’s elite economic migrants, but they may not be so ready and willing for much longer. A recent report from the Institute for Management Development ranked countries according to their attractiveness to people who...

12th January 2023
BY Nicholas Reed Langen

It hasn’t been a great week to be the Home Secretary or a Home Office official. Since Suella Braverman’s statement to the House of Commons on Monday, there has been one crisis after another. The Manston facility remains egregiously overcrowded. The camp is designed to hold no more than 1000...

4th November 2022
BY Nicholas Reed Langen
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