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Mary Atkinson

Mary Atkinson is Families Together Campaign Officer at the Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants, where she works for reform of the UK's restrictive rules on family migration.

In another blow for the Home Office on visa application fees, the department has been forced to concede that its policy on fee waivers for entry clearance applications is unlawful. Fee waiver policies At time of writing, the relevant guidance states that applicants outside the UK can only be granted...

8th March 2021
BY Mary Atkinson

The rise in reports of domestic abuse during lockdown is horrifying. Worldwide, the situation is so bad that it’s been dubbed a “shadow pandemic“. In the UK, calls to domestic abuse helplines have risen by a terrifying 80%. In response, police forces across the country have urged people experiencing abuse...

8th October 2020
BY Mary Atkinson
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