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Cynthia Orchard

Cynthia Orchard is the Statelessness Policy and Casework Coordinator at Consonant (formerly Asylum Aid) and a member of the Advisory Committee of the European Network on Statelessness. Consonant takes referrals for statelessness cases, subject to capacity. Contact:

The new Tottenham Hotspur manager, José Mourinho, recently vowed not to repeat his past mistakes, but instead will make new mistakes. The Home Office’s new guidance on statelessness, as with its approach to other topics, both repeats some mistakes of the past and makes new ones. But the revised guidance...

2nd December 2019
BY Cynthia Orchard

Safira,* who identifies as a lesbian woman, grew up in Nigeria. Because of her sexual identity, Safira’s family members abused her, physically and psychologically, in an attempt to “cure” her of what they considered “demonic tendencies”. Her family eventually disowned her, and she was rejected by her church. When she...

4th May 2018
BY Cynthia Orchard

Recently, after being introduced to someone, I mentioned that I work on statelessness policy. When faced with the confused look I am growing to recognise when I tell people about my work, I began to explain: some people don’t have citizenship of any country. He (thinking hipster-type ‘citizens of the...

25th November 2016
BY Cynthia Orchard
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