OISC Level 1 Accreditation: Introduction to Immigration, Asylum, Nationality and More

Comprehensive entry level online immigration law training course, covering the whole OISC Level 1 syllabus with worked examples, infographics, test-yourself questions, exam tips, short videos and more. Last updated in December 2023.

CPD Points: 20

Length of course: 20 hours

About this course

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Our comprehensive entry level online immigration law training course is ideal for aspiring OISC Level 1 advisers seeking accreditation and other budding immigration lawyers. We cover everything you need to know to get started in immigration law and get accredited with the OISC: what is it, how does it work, all about family and business immigration, nationality law, the EU Settlement Scheme and more.

We have carefully designed and written the course to cover absolutely everything in the OISC Level 1 syllabus. We use simple, plain English, diagrams, infographics and worked examples throughout the course as well as auto-marking “test yourself” questions at the end of every course unit.

We offer three bonus timed mock exams modelled closely on real OISC Level 1 exam papers AND a detailed course on legal ethics for OISC advisers, signposting and referral, exam preparation and everything else you need to know to be an OISC Level 1 adviser. Our mock exams provide customised feedback: if you are getting answers on certain topics wrong, we’ll point that out and suggest further reading for you.

At your own leisure, in your own time, in your own home you can spend as long as you need on this and our many other online courses. You can check out the course content below.

This, and all of our other training courses, are only available to Free Movement Members. Free Movement Membership starts at £24 plus VAT per month, or £240 for annual membership. We offer new OISC advisers signing up with us a 20% discount for their first year of our annual membership plan, bringing down the price from £240 plus VAT to just £192 plus VAT.

We also have a OISC Level 2 training course available to members.

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Modules within this course..

  1. Introduction to immigration law

    Structure of immigration law in the UK, the immigration categories, making an application
  2. Visitors, residents and family

    Covering the different immigration categories and routes for migrants coming to or staying in the UK.
  3. Asylum and protection

    Who is and is not a refugee, how asylum applications are made and what status is granted to refugees
  4. Nationality

    Types of British nationality and becoming a British citizen by birth, registration or naturalisation
  5. The EU Settlement Scheme

    Overview of post-Brexit immigration status for EU citizens and their families, including late applications and consequences of failing to apply.

  6. Business immigration and students

    Introduction to the Points Based Immigration System and other work/study visas
  7. Grounds for refusal, deportation and detention

    Grounds for refusal, deportation and detention powers

  8. Appeals and remedies

    Rights and grounds of appeal, time limits, lodging appeals, higher appeals, administrative review and judicial review
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