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Tweaks to the Immigration Rules on validity, variation and withdrawal

Lurking in the weeds of the latest statement of changes are some tweaks to the procedural requirements in Part 1 of the Immigration Rules. Most take effect today. These provisions may not be the sexiest part of immigration law but they are worth payin ...

6th October 2021 By

What happens when a variation application is invalid?

This was the question answered by the Upper Tribunal in R (Bajracharya) v Secretary of State for the Home Department (para. 34 – variation – validity) [2019] UKUT 417 (IAC). Mr Bajracharya made an application to remain in the UK on the basis of hi ...

1st April 2020 By

Can you make a new application while awaiting outcome of another application or appeal?

The word “hopeless” appears five times in the determination of R (on the application of Rashid) v Secretary of State for the Home Department IJR [2015] UKUT 190 (IAC). While the judge remains fairly cool she was clearly irritated with Coun ...

23rd April 2015 By