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Here, we look at the practicalities involved in getting a good medico-legal report. We have previously explained what a medico-legal report is and that article should be read alongside this one. These reports can be a game changer in cases involving vulnerable clients, but in the current climate it is...

24th October 2023
BY Beth Mullan-Feroze

The Windrush scandal first made headlines in 2018, but the Home Office is now facing intensified public scrutiny over its role in mistakes that caused profound suffering for so many members of the Windrush generation. Calls for accountability have gained renewed urgency in the context of the Black Lives Matter...

16th June 2020
BY Emily Wilbourn

The Supreme Court has had to remind the immigration tribunal that self inflicted torture by proxy (SIBP) is inherently unlikely. Self inflicted torture by proxy is the least worst phrase so far devised for describing the idea — and it really is just an idea, a figment of someone’s fevered...

6th March 2019
BY Colin Yeo

The government has tabled a number of adjustments to the rules on detention, to come into force this summer. The most significant is the changed definition of “torture” in the context of the detention of vulnerable people. Page contentsGovernment forced to change tack on tortureThe new definition of “torture”Detention of...

8th May 2018
BY Thomas Beamont

The independent prison inspector has raised the alarm over the continued detention of migrants who the Home Office accepts have been tortured. A scathing inspection report also found “considerable failings” in safety and respect for detainees at the “prison-like” Harmondsworth Immigration Removal Centre near Heathrow. HM Chief Inspector of Prisons, Peter Clarke,...

13th March 2018
BY CJ McKinney

The Home Office has lost a judicial review over its controversial change to the definition of torture in a claim brought by unlawfully detained torture victims. The judgment is in the case of Medical Justice & Ors v Secretary of State for the Home Department [2017] EWHC 2461 (Admin). In short, the...

10th October 2017
BY cjmckinney

“The Tribunal’s conclusion was… that [in order to fabricate an asylum claim] the appellant had allowed himself to be anaesthetised and then branded with a hot metal rod”  – Elias LJ, KV (Sri Lanka) In this area of law, it is sometimes hard to live with the reality of what...

15th March 2017
BY nicknason

Written by Eleanor BONNER & Beate DASARATHY Following on from the Proving Torture conference in October last year which Free Movement wrote about at the time, Freedom from Torture has released a new report, ‘Proving Torture: Demanding the Impossible,’ which highlights UKVI’s significant failings when it comes to considering medical...

21st November 2016
BY Freedom From Torture
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