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Hugh Southey of Tooks Chambers, Stephen Knafler of Garden Court Chambers and Raza Husain of Matrix have all been appointed Queen’s Counsel, the highest accolade for a barrister. All three do plenty of non immigration work, I believe, but are very well known and respected in immigration circles.

It is richly deserved by all three, and it is nice to be able to report some good news!

[Many thanks to Immie for the full list of appointments]

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The Free Movement blog was founded in 2007 by Colin Yeo, a barrister at Garden Court Chambers specialising in immigration law. The blog provides updates and commentary on immigration and asylum law by a variety of authors.


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  1. Legalweek.com

    QC appointments 2010: in full

    David Aaronberg – 15 New Bridge Street
    Piers Acland – 11 South Square
    Mark Roger Anderson – No5 Chambers
    Mohammed Jalil Akhter Asif
    Nicholas Bacon – 4 New Square
    Alex Bailin – Matrix Chambers
    Rupert Baldry – Pump Court Tax Chambers
    Charles Benson – Argent Chambers
    Jane Bewsey – 18 Red Lion Court
    Zia Bhaloo – Enterprise Chambers
    Claire Blanchard – Essex Court Chambers
    Veronique Buehrlen – Fountain Court
    John Malcolm Burton – 15 New Bridge Street
    David John Cavender – One Essex Court
    Patrick Chamberlayne – 29 Bedford Row
    Jeffrey Paul Chapman – Fountain Court
    Julian Christopher – 5 Paper Buildings
    Michael Coburn – 20 Essex Street
    Michelle Colborne – Broadway House Chambers
    Nigel Cooper – Quadrant Chambers
    John Cooper – Crown Office Chambers
    Jane Cross – Deans Court Chambers
    Derrick Dale – Fountain Court
    Katharine D’Arcy – 9 Bedford Row
    Alan Dashwood – Henderson Chambers
    Michael James Davie – 4 Pump Court
    Anuja Ravindra Dhir – 5 Paper Buildings
    Paul Downes – Two Temple Gardens
    Michael Edenborough – Serle Court
    Douglas Edwards – Francis Taylor Building
    Naomi Ellenbogen (pictured above) – Littleton Chambers
    John Elvidge – York Chambers
    Susan Evans – 3 Pump Court Chambers
    Frank Feehan – 42 Bedford Row
    Francis FitzGibbon – Doughty Street Chambers
    William Flenley – Hailsham Chambers
    Steven Ford – 7 Bedford Row
    Gerard Forlin – 2-3 Gray’s Inn Square
    Isabella Forshall – Doughty Street Chambers
    Rudi Fortson – 25 Bedford Row
    Kerim Fuad – 1 Inner Temple Lane
    Joseph Giret – 15 New Bridge Street
    Paul Greaney – Park Court Chambers
    Andrew Green – Blackstone Chambers
    Sally Harrison – St Johns Buildings
    Neil Hawes – Charter Chambers
    Sioban Healy – 7 King’s Bench Walk
    Kevin Hegarty – St Philips Chambers
    Mark Heywood – 5 King’s Bench Walk
    David Hislop – Doughty Street Chambers
    Katharine Holland – Landmark Chambers
    David John Hooper – 25 Bedford Row
    George Hugh-Jones – 3 Serjeants Inn
    Raza Husain – Matrix Chambers
    Paul Hynes – 25 Bedford Row
    Thomas Kark – QEB Hollis Whiteman
    Lee Karu – 9 Bedford Row
    Christopher Kennedy – Nine St John Street Chambers
    Judy Khan (pictured) – Garden Court Chambers
    Charles Kimmins – 20 Essex Street
    Cyril Kinsky – 3 Verulam Buildings
    Jonathan Kirk – 36 Bedford Row
    Stephen Knafler – Garden Court Chambers
    Steven Kovats – 39 Essex Street
    Sean Larkin – QEB Hollis Whiteman
    Nicholas Le Poidevin – New Square Chambers
    Tom Leech – Maitland Chambers
    Robert Levy – New Square Chambers
    John Letablere Litton – Landmark Chambers
    Andrew James Lloyd-Eley – 2 Hare Court
    Andrew Lockhart – St Philips Chambers
    Amjad Malik – 36 Bedford Row
    David Mason – No5 Chambers
    Harry Matovu – Brick Court Chambers
    Richard Matthews – 2 Bedford Row
    William McCormick – Ely Place
    Angus McCullough – One Crown Office Row
    Bryan McGuire – 2-3 Gray’s Inn Square
    Manus McMullan – Atkin Chambers
    Alexander Milne – 18 Red Lion Court
    Tim Moloney – Tooks Chambers
    Neil Moody – Two Temple Gardens
    Helen Mountfield – Matrix Chambers
    Gordon Nardell – Thirty Nine Essex Street
    Cairns Nelson – 23 Essex Street
    Andrew Newcombe – Francis Taylor Building
    Peter Oldham – 11 King’s Bench Walk
    Brian O’Neill – 2 Hare Court
    Daniel Oudkerk – 11 King’s Bench Walk
    Ben Patten – 4 New Square
    Robert Peel – 29 Bedford Row
    Simon Phillips – Park Court Chambers
    Julian Picton – Hailsham Chambers
    Timothy Pitt-Payne – 11 King’s Bench Walk
    Nigel Power – 7 Harrington Street Chambers
    Piers Pressdee – Harcourt Chambers
    Thomas Price – 25 Bedford Row
    Philip Rainey – Tanfield Chambers
    Paul Reed – Hardwicke Building
    Jonathan Rees – 2 Hare Court
    Andrew Rigney – Crown Office Chambers
    Jonathan Russen – Maitland Chambers
    Matthew Ryder – Matrix Chambers
    James Scobie – Garden Court Chambers
    Akhil Shah – Fountain Court
    Andrew Short – Outer Temple Chambers
    Richard Slade – Brick Court Chambers
    Marcus Smith – Fountain Court
    Hugh Southey – Tooks Chambers
    Paul Stanley – Essex Court Chambers
    Daniel Stilitz – 11 King’s Bench Walk
    Christopher Stoner – Serle Court
    Jemima Stratford – Brick Court Chambers
    Jonathan Swift – 11 King’s Bench Walk
    David Travers – Six Pump Court
    George Trinick – Eversheds
    Paul Tucker – Kings Chambers
    Ian Unsworth – Exchange Chambers
    Adam Vaitilingam – Albion Chambers
    Ian Wade – 5 Paper Buildings
    Robert Weir – Devereux Chambers
    Martin Westgate – Doughty Street Chambers
    Philippa Whipple – One Crown Office Row
    Jon Whitfield – 15 New Bridge Street
    Anne Whyte – Atlantic Chambers
    Joanne Wicks – Wilberforce Chambers
    Sean Wilken – Thirty Nine Essex Street
    Rhodri Williams – Henderson Chambers
    Ian Wise – Doughty Street Chambers