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New book: Citizenship in Times of Turmoil? Theory, Practice and Policy


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Here follows a shameless plug for a book to which I have contributed a chapter on deprivation and nullification of British citizenship. It is edited by the excellent Devyani Prabhat at the University of Bristol (do follow her on Twitter) and the various chapters consider the evolution of the contemporary issues surrounding British citizenship, integrating the social aspects and ideas of identity and belonging alongside the legal elements. The publishers say the book is wide-ranging and interdisciplinary, a key resource for scholars, students and practitioners working within the fields of migration, citizenship and immigration law.

You can buy it now from the publishers, Elgar:

Reviews have been very positive:

‘Devyani Prabhat has assembled an excellent team of scholars across academic disciplines and legal specialisations. The chapters provide comprehensive and expert analysis on contemporary issues of British citizenship, ranging from the shifting categories of exclusion and inclusion in nationality law, naturalisation policy and integration tests to Brexit, “the hostile environment” and the Windrush scandal. The book is unique in combining the theory, practices and policies of British citizenship.’

Dora Kostakopoulou, Warwick University, UK

‘This work offers a state of the art treatment of the law and policy on citizenship in Britain, covering access to nationality and the scope of citizenship rights. With contributions by leading scholars and practitioners of citizenship and immigration law, it provides a comprehensive account of key questions, including discrimination in nationality law, deprivation of citizenship, and the implications of in-country checks of status.’

Bernard Ryan, University of Leicester, UK

Finally, the full list of chapters and contributors:

  • Discrimination in British Nationality law, Alison Harvey
  • The Life in the UK Citizenship Test and the Urgent Need for Its Reform, Thom Brooks
  • Naturalisation and becoming a citizen in the UK , Bridget Byrne
  • Children’s Pathways to British Citizenship, Solange Valdez-Symonds
  • Citizenship, semi-citizenship and the hostile environment: the performativity of bordering practices, Christopher Bertram
  • The Immigration Act 2014 and the Right to Rent, David Smith
  • The rise of modern banishment: deprivation and nullification of British citizenship, Colin Yeo
  • A Constitutional Eyesore After Brexit: EU Citizenship and British Nationality, Patricia Mindus
  • Remember when ‘Windrush’ was still just the name of a ship?, Fiona Bawdon
  • The Blurred Lines of British Citizenship and Immigration Control: The Ordinary and the Exceptional, Devyani Prabhat

Many thanks to Devyani for allowing me to contribute and for assembling such a thoughtful and interesting collection of essays from the other contributors.

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Colin Yeo

Colin Yeo

Immigration and asylum barrister, blogger, writer and consultant at Garden Court Chambers in London and founder of the Free Movement immigration law website.