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Legacy exercise outcomes revealed


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[UPDATE 31/3/11: see Comments below for further information and updates]

This interesting snippet of information recently came my way and I thought it was worth sharing. A Freedom of Information request recently revealed outcomes to the Legacy backlog clearance exercise:

  • Number of cases granted Indefinite Leave to Remain = 145,843
  • Number of cases granted Discretionary Leave to Remain = 3,405
  • Number of cases granted Humanitarian Protection = 430

This information is said to be accurate up to 19 January 2011. As the programme is now closed, as I understand it, these will be the final figures.

The total number of cases for consideration was thought to be around 450,000. That number was also thought to include a very considerable number of duplicate case files. In 2008 it seemed that a quarter of all cases thus far concluded had been closed for this or other ‘error’ reasons. The most recent official update from UKBA that I can find is from February 2010 and stated that 235,000 cases had been ‘concluded’ up to the end of December 2009. It therefore seems that a significant proportion of all cases considered under the Legacy programme were allowed in one way or another, but by no means all. This matches with the experience of practitioners, as far as I am aware.

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11 Responses

  1. The term conclusion is used by CRD to refer both to grants of leave and removals, there is also a category of closure for absconders.

    A significant proportion of duplicate cases were due to offenders using alias names or due to other lies about their identities.

    CRD did grant a huge swathe of cases that other parts of UKBA would not, in essence it was a slightly more structured amnesty, which is now over.

  2. Hi FM

    Just wondered where you got the info that the legacy programme has now finished. I thought the aim was to finish by July 2011? I am aware of cases that are not yet concluded.

  3. “As the programme is now closed” How can legacy program be closed, I just called Home Office and was told my case was not concluded yet, what then from now stay in limbo for another ten years or what? The program was designed to deal with long term cases but IF it is true that its closed then to me they didn’t do what they set out to do.

  4. i am confused after reading ur post….WHAT HAPPENS TO THE PEOPLE WHO R STILL WAITING???

  5. To clarify, the Home Office now think they have identified all Legacy cases. In that sense it is concluded. However, they have not completed consideration of all the cases they have identified as being part of the Legacy. If you have not already had at least some sort of acknowledgement from the Home Office that your case is being considered, it may be the case that they don’t know about you.

    The latest update from the Home Office is actually available here. It says that 403,000 cases have now been ‘concluded’. 40% were granted status of some sort, 9% were removed and 50% were concluded in some other way, such as being found to be a duplicate case file.

  6. What will replace legacy for newly arising cases of rejected asylum applicants (or anyone whose leave expires and isn’t/can’t be extended) who can’t be returned to their country of citizenship for one reason or another?

    1. Just curious to find out when and where does it says on the UKBA website or papers that legacy application is coming to an end…thanks

  7. I do not believe this…I think this is Inaccurate info…Legacy cases will be concluded by July 2011.

    1. The Legacy seems to be closed in the sense that UKBA now have identified everyone they think is a Legacy case. All the outcomes are not yet know, though.