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Last chance to sound off about Home Office Presenting Officers
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Last chance to sound off about Home Office Presenting Officers

The immigration inspector wants to hear your thoughts on the work of Home Office Presenting Officers (HOPOs) by Friday 10 January. David Bolt writes:

In my 2019-20 inspection plan I signalled my intention to carry out an inspection of the work of Home Office Presenting Officers. Presenting Officers are Home Office Civil Servants or legal professionals who represent the Secretary of State for the Home Department at appeal hearings.

I would now like to invite anyone with relevant knowledge and expertise in this area to write to me by 10 January 2020, with supporting evidence or actual case studies they are able to share.

I am particularly interested in your views on what is working well and not so well, and what improvements you would like to see.

I would also like to receive evidence from individuals, including those who have had first-hand experience with Home Office Presenting Officers.

Hop to it: the email address is [email protected] and the deadline close of business on the 10th. That said, the inspectorate has confirmed that it is granting extensions upon request — so if you are hoping to submit evidence but are pushed for time, email in by close of play on the 10th to ask for an extension and you may well get another week.

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