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My ebook on costs in immigration cases is now available for purchase. It covers costs in statutory appeals and in judicial review cases, case law on unreasonable conduct, the law on wasted costs, costs for litigants in person, the circumstances where costs might be awarded in an immigration context, a review of key cases on costs, the process of applying for costs in the First-tier and Upper Tribunals, the quantification of costs (solicitor rates and counsel’s fees) and the summary assessment process. It does not cover detailed assessment in, er, detail.

The ebook will cost £19.99 normally but I am launching it with a 25% discount for the first week (use coupon code COSTSLAUNCH). A course that is based on the ebook is available to Free Movement Members (along with a podcast interview about costs with Jawaid Luqmani) and the ebook itself can be purchased for just £1 by members.

The contents pages and first few pages can be downloaded as a sample if you would like to know more. The ebook comes in pdf, Kindle and iBooks format and cannot be printed to hard copy.

Reviews and comments so far:

Colin Yeo has managed to achieve the near impossible-legible, decipherable and usable-a practical guidance on costs in the immigration context.Jawaid Luqmani, Luqmani Thompson and Partners
A timely and practical guide to a rapidly developing area of the law.James Packer, Director of Public Law, Duncan Lewis
This is an essential addition to the immigration lawyer’s armoury.Greg O'Ceallaigh, Barrister, Garden Court Chambers
Costs is such a crucial issue to immigration practitioners (especially for those of us who undertake legal aid where obtaining costs can literally keep us afloat) and this course is essential for anyone working in this field. The course provides extremely useful guidance and I would wholeheartedly recommend it – I will certainly be ensuring all my team take the course!Chris Cole, Head of Immigration, Parker Rhodes Hickmott

I’ve been slightly wary of releasing this ebook because I know there are some significant developments on the way: there is a current consultation on amendments to the costs submissions guidance issued by the Administrative Court and adopted by the Upper Tribunal and a case was heard late last year in which the Presidents of both Immigration and Asylum Chambers sat to consider questions on costs in statutory appeals within the tribunal. Purchasers who create an optional account during the purchase process will be able to download updated versions of the ebook so I have decided to go ahead and release anyway. I therefore strongly recommend creating an account if buying this ebook.

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Immigration and asylum barrister, blogger, writer and consultant at Garden Court Chambers in London and founder of the Free Movement immigration law website.