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Dates confirmed for changes to income thresholds for family and skilled worker visas

A ministerial statement made today has confirmed that there are two statements of changes coming in the next couple of months. The first will remove the ability of care workers to bring dependants, and the second will include the increase to the minimum income requirement for families, among other changes.

19 February statement of changes

The 19 February statement of changes will remove the rights of care workers and senior care workers to bring dependants. This will come into force on 11 March 2024. The other change made at this stage is that care providers in England will only be able to sponsor workers if they are regulated by the Care Quality Commission.

14 March statement of changes

The minimum income requirement for partners applying under Appendix FM will be increased to £29,000 on 11 April. No dates have been given for the further incremental increases, just that there will be two more increases and the final one will take effect “by early 2025”.

This statement of changes will increase the earnings threshold for those on the skilled worker route, from £26,200 to £38,700. This change will come into force from 4 April 2024. The Health and Care visa route is exempt from this change, as are workers in national payscale occupations.

Other changes include the implementation of any changes following the Migration Advisory Committee’s rapid review of the shortage occupation list. The 20% going rate discount for roles on the list will be removed. These changes will also come into force from “early April”.

It’s going to be a busy couple of months for immigration lawyers.

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Sonia Lenegan

Sonia Lenegan

Sonia Lenegan is an experienced immigration, asylum and public law solicitor. She has been practising for over ten years and was previously legal director at the Immigration Law Practitioners' Association and legal and policy director at Rainbow Migration. Sonia is the Editor of Free Movement.


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