Advising Employers: Sponsor Licence Duties (Introductory)

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Length of course: 1 hour

About this course

This course was published in May 2023.

The Home Office has long outsourced immigration to employers. If an employer wants to employ a worker who is not settled in the UK, they require authorisation from the Home Office. This authorisation is known as a ‘sponsor licence’. Employers must apply to the Home Office for a sponsor licence and the Home Office will decide to either approve or refuse the application. Employers who hold a sponsor licence are known as ‘sponsors’. In return for this freedom to sponsor workers, sponsors make a pledge that they accept all the duties of sponsorship.

The Home Office can decide to penalise the sponsor if it fails to comply with their sponsor duties. Sanctions can include downgrading, suspending or revoking the sponsor licence and reporting the sponsor to the police or other authorities.

This short course will provide an overview of the key sponsor duties and take you through the sponsor compliance process. It is designed for immigration representatives who are new to this area and would like to get a handle on the basics.

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Modules within this course..

  1. Introduction

    This module looks at the importance of sponsor duties and what is required of employers. This includes compliance, reporting and record-keeping duties.

  2. Maintaining the licence

    This module covers how employers can prepare for Home Office compliance visits and how immigration lawyers can assist with this preparation by carrying out mock audits. We will also look at what happens when sponsors are found to be failing to carry out their duties.

  3. Renewals and refusals

    This module looks at how a sponsor licence is renewed and what happens when a licence application is refused, including challenging the refusal decision.

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