Judicial Review for Immigration Lawyers (Advanced)

CPD Points: 3

Length of course: 3 hours

About this course

This course was published in October 2023.

In recent years, judicial review – the primary mechanism for challenging the lawfulness of decisions made by public bodies – has been of ever increasing importance to immigration practitioners. This has been due to restrictions on or outright removal of statutory appeal rights, and the expansion of hostile environment policies and powers affecting people subject to immigration control.

In this in-depth and practical course, we will cover the key resources for practitioners involved in judicial review proceedings; pre-action matters; the pervasive topics including professional duties, evidence, the grounds for judicial review and remedies; along with hearings and appeals.

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Many thanks to Jed Pennington and Gabriel Tan for their work on this course.

Modules within this course..

  1. Introduction

    This module covers when judicial review can be used, key resources for immigration lawyers and the preliminary matters that need to be considered before a claim is issued.

  2. Pervasive Topics

    This module covers the pervasive topics of the judicial review process, including procedural rigour and the duty of candour, evidence, grounds for judicial review, remedies and funding.

  3. Preparing to Commence Proceedings

    This module covers funding, the pre-action steps that must be taken, how to prepare a claim, the process of applying for permission and what happens once permission is granted. 

  4. Judicial Review Hearings and Appeals

    This module covers preparation for the final hearing, the full hearing itself, judgments and the rules in relation to appeals, and funding considerations.

  5. Final Quiz and Feedback Form

    Complete our final quiz on judicial review for immigration lawyers to test your knowledge and please leave us feedback on the course.

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