Costs in Immigration Cases (Advanced)

CPD Points: 3

Length of course: 3 hours

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About this course

This course was last updated in April 2020.

In increasingly hard times, winning costs in immigration litigation is increasingly vital for commercial survival. This course covers the CPR on costs, the different types of costs, case law on costs, submissions on costs and tips on pursuing a favourable costs outcome. We cover costs in tribunal appeals as well as higher appeals and applications for judicial review.

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Modules within this course..

  1. Introduction to costs

    Covering what costs are, the indemnity principle, the available orders for costs, the standard and indemnity bases for costs and VAT and costs.
  2. Costs in tribunal appeals

    Covers costs in the Immigration and Asylum Chamber of the First-tier and Upper Tribunals, including the procedure rules, guidance to judges and HOPOs, comparable costs cases from other jurisdictions and common scenarios in which costs might be sought or defended against.
  3. Costs in judicial review cases

    Covers CPR and practice directions on costs, costs rules, costs cases and costs guidance from the judiciary
  4. Wasted costs

    Covers the principles of wasted costs awards including general and immigration specific case law. Applies to both appeals and judicial reviews
  5. Litigants in person

    Deals with the issue of whether litigants in person can recover costs and if so what might be recovered.
  6. Applying for, assessing and quantifying costs

    Application and assessment process for costs in the First-tier and Upper Tribunals, including preparing costs schedules, summary assessment and detailed assessment.
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