Intermediate: Fresh claims by asylum seekers: 2 CPD

About this course

This course was last updated in October 2019.

Every year, around one third of asylum decisions result in a grant of asylum or another form of international protection. But of those who are refused and appeal to the immigration tribunal, around 40% are successful.

As the appeal statistics suggest, no system will get it right all the time. Mistakes are made and even if a decision is correct at the time it is made, subsequent changes to the county conditions or to an asylum seeker’s personal circumstances may mean that the criteria for recognition as a refugee are now made out.

We know that of those asylum seekers who are refused and lose their appeal, only a relatively small number are forcibly removed. Government policy is to cut off their accommodation and support and hope that they leave the UK of their own volition. The reality is that some remain in the UK, and some of that group will make a subsequent claim for protection.

There is a route to ask the Home Office to look at a case again by making further submissions. Clients often refer to this as making a “fresh claim” for asylum. This course covers the making of further submissions with a view to having them recognised as a fresh asylum claim.

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