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Charter flight(s): materials in support of claims against removals


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Below is a list of materials which can be used in connection/in support of  claims against decisions to remove on the charter flight(s) bound for Sri Lanka next week.

The list will be updated as and when relevant materials are published and/or circulated, so watch this space.  Not a comprehensive list, but a start:

Letter from TSol to the Administrative Court dated 14.09.2012 re “Enforced returns to Sri Lanka by charter flight on Wednesday 19 September 2012 at 15.30hr” [some removal directions have seemingly also been set for 20.09.2012 but no mention in this letter of a charter flight on that date…]

Freedom from Torture briefing dated 13.09.2012 reporting on  a group of cases identified by the organisation of Sri Lankan Tamils tortured in Sri Lanka after they have returned voluntarily from the UK following the end of the civil war in May 2009

– The Guardian article of 14.09.2012 “Tamils to be deported despite clear torture evidence” and The Independent article of the same date “Hundreds of refugees sent back to Sri Lanka to face torture”

– ECHR cases where questions relating to charter flights to Sri Lanka are raised:   T.H.S. v UK  Application no. 25107/11 and N and Others v UK Application no. 16458/12

– Tamilnet article “Five ex-LTTE members abducted since February 27” dated 06.03.2012 and plenty more pertinent articles on the Tamilnet website

–  Human Rights Watch’s statement “to halt deportation flight to Sri Lanka” published today, together with their briefing/case-study of 13 cases of alleged torture of failed Tamil asylum seekers

[Update]  Tamils Against Genocide report dated 16.09.2012 “Returnees at Risk: Detention And Torture in Sri Lanka” analysing the significance of a collection of 27 asylum appeal determinations relating to Sri Lanka post-2009 that have been exclusively provided to TAG.


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