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Taimour Lay

Taimour is a barrister at Garden Court Chambers specialising in refugee and immigration law. He previously spent 10 years as a journalist and has reported from East Africa and Somalia.

The High Court has rejected a challenge to the Home Office’s dysfunctional and chaotic accommodation system. The case is MQ, R (On the Application Of) v Secretary of State for the Home Department [2023] EWHC 205 (Admin). The Claimant and her two young children had spent months in a hotel...

27th March 2023
BY Taimour Lay

The ripple effects of Paposhvili v Belgium [2016] ECHR 1113 continue to be felt at the boundary of Article 3 ECHR. In the first reported decision of its kind, the Upper Tribunal has found that the “modified” (for which, read “lowered”) test for Article 3 breach in medical treatment cases...

16th August 2021
BY Taimour Lay

It was hailed as an emergency solution to the refugee crisis but figures reveal that only 36 Syrians had been removed from Greece under the “EU-Turkey statement” by the end of 2018, write Taimour Lay and Theodoris Zeis. It is over three years since the “EU-Turkey statement” on the Mediterranean...

7th June 2019
BY Taimour Lay

A DIY approach is difficult in immigration law. Hardly a year goes by without the higher courts complaining about “a degree of complexity which even the Byzantine emperors would have envied” [as lamented by Jackson LJ in 2013]. This is even more of a problem as legal aid is removed...

8th January 2016
BY Taimour Lay

Long-awaited guidance on returns to Mogadishu poses significant, but not insurmountable, challenges to appellants It may be 286 pages long but the apparent effect of the new Somalia Country Guidance — MOJ & Ors (Return to Mogadishu) (CG) [2014] UKUT 442 (IAC) — can, from the Home Office’s perspective, be...

31st October 2014
BY Taimour Lay

The Upper Tribunal has listed an appeal to be heard in December in which it intends to give further country guidance about returns to Mogadishu. No doubt the case will address the contention long advanced by the Secretary of State that the situation has so improved that the current guidance...

15th October 2013
BY Taimour Lay
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