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Ross Kennedy is a Senior Client Manager at Vanessa Ganguin Immigration Law, advising corporates and individuals across the range of immigration matters. After leaving the Civil Service, Ross was previously Practice Manager and a senior at two immigration firms of global repute before joining Vanessa Ganguin Immigration Law in 2021. Ross has a wealth of experience working with corporate clients of all sizes, from start-ups, SMEs and charitable or religious organisations to large multinational companies. His email is

Currently a comfortable 23 points ahead in opinion polls with just under three weeks to the general election, the Labour Party has published its election manifesto. Sectors of the economy hit by a massive recent hike in salary thresholds for sponsoring skilled workers will be poring over the manifesto for...

19th June 2024
BY Ross Kennedy

On 14 March 2024 the government published its latest statement of changes to the immigration rules, which included changes to a number of UK immigration categories.  The most significant changes were to implement the plans laid out by the Home Secretary in December.  These include raising the minimum income requirements...

25th March 2024
BY Ross Kennedy

On Monday the new Home Secretary presented a “five-point plan” to reduce UK immigration after a feverish fortnight of the right of the Conservative party, most of the opposition, plus every news outlet badgering him about the Office for National Statistics revising its estimate of 2022’s net migration up to...

7th December 2023
BY Ross Kennedy

The Home Office has finally published details of the requirements for sponsors in the UK Expansion Worker visa category. Part of the Global Business Mobility family, it replaces the Sole Representative visa — but how effectively does it fill this niche in the UK immigration system? “Evolving in tandem with...

19th April 2022
BY Ross Kennedy

The UK government has published changes to the Immigration Rules introducing the Global Business Mobility visa. They come into force on 11 April 2022 and provide new solutions for overseas firms transferring staff to the UK. Announcing the route last year, the Home Office admitted that “immigration routes that may...

28th March 2022
BY Ross Kennedy
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