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Melanie Griffiths

Melanie has been a Birmingham Fellow at the University of Birmingham since 2018. Previously she was an ESRC Future Research Leader Fellow at the University of Bristol. There she led the 'Deportability and the Family' research project, which examined the impact of changing immigration and human rights policies on mixed nationality families in the UK. She has also written on immigration detention, asylum appeals, the hostile environment (co-authored with Colin Yeo), time, masculinity and the 'foreign criminal' discourse.

Interviewer: What do you think it means to be British? Mary: It is a passport. To be British now, I’m sorry to say this, but it is a passport. That is it. That is what being British means to me. I have lost faith in the country which I used...

23rd June 2021
BY Melanie Griffiths

New research shows that the immigration insecurity of one family member now affects whole families, including children and citizens who are not themselves subject to immigration control, writes Dr Melanie Griffiths of the University of Bristol. This week, the University of Bristol published three policy briefings arising from new research...

12th January 2018
BY Melanie Griffiths
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